Labor Day Excasty

I got up early this morning (Labor Day) and felt the urge to poop. I thought I’d get something to eat first then go down to the lake and let it rip. But the urge was getting very intense and I thought I’d better go to the lake now before I poop my pants in the car on the way there. I’ve done that before, but I prefer to get into the water then load my pants (tight swim trunks). I just made it to the lake and shut the car off, when it started coming. I just made it out of the vehicle when my pants started filling up. And did they ever “fill up”! When I got done poop was all over my ass, balls and dick and some even seeped out of my leg tight leg openings. It was feeling so good and as soon as I got in the water up to my waist, I started jacking off. I shot my load rather quickly and it felt so good that I decided to stay in the water for a few hours with my pants full. I swam and walked around in the water for about 2 hours and still had plenty of poop in my pants that didn’t leak out. After I thought I’d clean up and get out of the water, I had a second wave and had to poop more so I let that go on top of what was already in there, and I was beginning to think my pants were going to explode wide open due to the poop pressure in them. I was in excasty enjoying myself and then began masturbating once again. It took much longer to get to my boiling point but when it shot off again it was truly a magnificent feeling. I think this was a Labor Day I will long remember. I loved every minute of it!!!

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