kristen's accident

“Hey babe is there a bathroom near by?” Kristen asked
“Not that i know of,” Kevin answered
“Great i have go really bad, maybe i should get of you while your driving i might pee on you or worse….” Kristen said as she got repositioned on Kevin’s lap
“Speed bump!” Kevin yelled
Kristen jumped and lost a little amount of pee
“Kevin pull over” Kristen hollered
Kevin pulled over and right when Kristen was about to get up she said ” if i get up I’ll pee”
“Kristen don’t” Kevin panicked
She held in all the pee and got out of the car, Kevin followed. He held her arms behind her back 
“Come one no playing games i have to go!” Kristen whined
“Then go I’m watching” Kevin said
“No ouhhhh” Kristen said as she started to feel the warmth of piss go done her legs in her blue jeans
“Kevin!” She yelled then grabbing her stomach
“Stay in stay in” Kristen hoped
Then the tip of her poop started for the bottom of her white panties, then the rest coming right behind it, 
“Nice Kristen” said Kevin as he felt the lump grow, then he pushed it and rubbed it to the front of her
“Oh my God what have i done?” She cried
“Good job” Kevin told her

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