Kitty sat by her toilet one day. There by the toilet was horny Kitty inflating a little, shiny, clear soap bubble she held. Loud creaks came from the growing soap bubble that Kitty held, as Kitty felt both afraid and aroused by the bubble that got very big. Then had Kitty been grabbing the creaking bubble in long time. After that had Kitty been rubbing the large creaking soap bubble between her legs for a long time. Kitty was then masturbating for a long time until she reached her climax.

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  1. My very first first jack off masturbation was at age 12 or 13 and I did it in the bath tub while taking a bath. I had no idea what to expect. I shot my load (cumed) very quickly and remembered the beautiful feeling of the cum leaving my dick. It felt too good to describe. Then I tried for another round but this one took over half an hour and didn’t last as long as the first but still felt pretty good. After that, I felt weak as shit and didn’t want to try for a triple home run! It’s all good!

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