Kirin and Tory (Two Girls, One Night)

Hey you guys, my name is Kirin and I’m a bisexual female. I’m so new to being open about my fetish and fantasies because they’re so different than what most people are into. This is a 100% true story of what happened to me a few months ago. This is a long story so I’m going to put stars where the action happens for you non-readers.

So, I have this friend named Tory (yes, short for Victoria). We’ve been good friends since we were younger. She’s always been gassy, often she would pin me down and fart on me. I pretended not to like it so she’d do it more often. This particular time, we were hanging out at her house. She was wearing her underwear and a big Tshirt for pajamas, I was wearing cotton shorts and my bra. We were watching a movie and she farted. She laughed, I laughed too. “Tory, don’t be gross!” I said and leaned forward to smell. I covered my nose in fake disgust and asked her what she ate. She looked at me in my eyes for a moment then she looked away back at the movie. Moments later, she began to smirk. She pushed me back onto the couch. She sat on my face. I waited, excited, expecting a fart. She sat there for a while. She moved off me. “What was that?” I asked. She shrugged and said that she’d thought she had one, but it must have gone away. “I almost pooped on you.” She said and began to laugh. By this point, I was extremely horny.

“I’d like that.” I said kind of quietly.
“What?” Tory asked.
“I’d like that.” I responded, she broke out in laughter.
“You want me to poop on you?” Tory asked. I blushed bright red, I felt like crying. She noticed the seriousness of my words. She scooted closer to me.
“You were serious? Why would you want me to do that, Kirin?” She asked. I told her everything about my scat fantasies. She sat there with her blue eyes big and in shock.

“Kirin…that is the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard, but if you like it we can try it.” She said got up and went into the kitchen. She came back with a few garbage bags. She took the cushions off the couch and covered them in the bags and put them on the floor giving us a soft surface to do this on. She put the rest of the bags on the wood floor to act like a tarp.
Β She reached around me to unhook my bra.
“Really?” I asked, my stomach did flips and I felt dizzy. I never in a million years thought this would be happening to me. She took off my bra, my nipples hardened to the cold. She leaned forward and took one into her mouth and sucked it gently and kissed the space between my breasts up to my lips. I’d kissed a girl before, but nothing as meaningful as the kiss she gave me.
“Kirin I love you as a person, you’re my bestfriend. I’m not going to let you sexually starve, and I’m into trying new things. And hell, if I like it, we can do this whenever you’d like.” Tory pulled me from where I stood and laid me down on the garbage bag covered cushions. She sat on top of me towards the bottom of my torso. She took off her big shirt, she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath it. She looked at me again and blushed.
“So…I just go to the bathroom?” Tory asked. My body was shaking from nervousness, and anxiousness, and the pure sexual excitement that burst form inside me. I nodded at her. She looked down at my body as raised herself up from me a bit. I used my arms to support myself as i watched. Her pale pink panties began to darken as she peed in them. Soon it flowed all over my shorts and I could feel the warmth and wetness on my clit. I reached my hand up as she peed and rubbed her clit under her panties. She thrust against my hand and moaned loudly. Her warm pee ran down my arm and soon stopped as she finished. When she finished peeing she looked down at me and blushed.
“How’d I do?” She asked. I responded by sitting up and kissing her clit. She moaned louder and put her hand on the back of my head, forcing my face into her sweet pussy. I moved my tongue inside her and she squirmed, I could feel her clit pulse on my tongue. She pushed my head away.
“Not trying to end that, but I really, really have to poop.” She bit her lip and smiled. I laid down, every inch of my body tingling. She looked at me, studied me to find a good position. She got on all fours over top of me and positioned her butt over my chest. She pushed and her tiny pink whole puckered and a little bit of poo peeked out then went back in. She tried again, her hole spread more this time and the first of the poo came out and landing on my chest. It didn’t really seem to have much of a smell, I was surprised. It smelled earthy. I reached up with my hand and used my thumb to rub her dirty hole. She moaned and sank her body down ontop of mine with her ass in my face and I continued to rub her hole. It opened again and produced another loud bubbly fart followed by a tinier piece of poo on my chest. My clit was aching, and I think that Tory knew that because she began to lick my clit. Before I knew it we were 69ing.

I know, I know, this is a long story. I’m going to hurry up and finish it now. After that, she laid down and let me poop on her stomach. She licked my hole clean, I was so surprised to feel her tongue licking there, it felt so good. I peed ontop of the mess I’d made on her stomach and she began rubbing it over her stomach. We began kissing, her tongue fluttering against mine. I began gridning my pussy against hers and her moans became more and more frequent, her breathing corse. My clit pulsed, harder, faster, to the point it began to hurt, it hurt so good. She moaned my name rapidly, her body twitching against mine, finally her back arched, pressing her breasts against mine as she came. My clits pulsing ran through my body, as I began to orgasm as well. After this, we cleaned up her living room, mopped the floor seeing as our tarp was faulty. We headed to the shower were we kissed long, slow, kisses with our tongues. We came back to find that we’d gone through the whole two hour movie that we’d have to start over because we’d missed it. The best part about doing this with Tory was that we went back to being friends almost like nothing happened but the secret we’d keep for a long time.

If you’ve gotten to this part, you’re a champion! Thanks for reading!


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  1. Wow…I read the whole whole whole whole thing. This is probably one of the hottest stories I’ve ever read, and you write with such detail and wow…wish I had a friend like her haha. More please one day.

  2. Loved it! Feeling like pooping my own pants now reading it again. Keep writing and definitely not too long.

  3. Thanks to all of you. It is a good beginning to sexually exploring my fetish, I haven’t had anymore scatty experiences with anyone, but i’ve had some on my own.

  4. Almost the same story as my fartfetish started with a cousin who farted really bad and to do if you don’t like πŸ™‚ It’s nice to read this!

  5. what a horny story you have must have felt great doing that with your GF
    hugs mel xx
    cum and do it with me sweets

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