Kinda nervous to do this…

As I’m sure you know, I’m currently down at my mums’ for the holidays and am to head home on the 2nd… But there is something I’m wanting to do on the way back.

I’m planning on padding up for the train trip home and will be wearing plastic pants over my diaper… But I’m also planning on doing something I have never done before, and that’s going poopy in public… I’m nervous to do it, and the journey is 3 hours long, so it will be noticeable smell wise.

I’ll be taking pictures and videos where possible… and might even record me going, even if it’s not visible, I’m still hoping to capture it audio wise… That said, I’m not going to poop at the station, I’m going to be going while on the train, and more specifically at my seat… just gotta keep my fingers crossed that no-one hears me soil myself… or holding my phone near my butt.

Rest assured though, I will be taking pics once I’m off the train and back home… and maybe on the way home too depending on if I can find a spot to pull my pants down hehe.

There is also a Poll to go along with this post in the link in the comments (Links keep pointing stupidly on here).

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  1. I missed your poll. I hope you had fun anyway and did not get into trouble. Can’t wait to see the pics.

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