Kimmy’s surprise

Kim lived across the street from her biggest bi crush, Mara. Kim thought everything she did was fantastic. she Idolized her. Kim purchased clothes that she wore and tried to act like her, she just loved her 35 year old neighbor. One morning in the late spring Kim got up early and was looking out her window. She saw Mara walking to her garage with a bag. Kim was curious so she waited. about 15 minutes later Mara came back out the back was full and she walked directly back into her house. Kim thought nothing of it and went on to enjoy her Saturday. The following week Kim got up early again, she was prompted by the previous weeks sightings and once again she saw Mara do exactly the same thing. Kim was now very curious.
The next Saturday Kim got up and dressed very early she waited and sure enough out came Mara. Kim waited till she entered her garage and quickly and secretly walked across the street. She got to the garage and heard Mara talking. Kim walked over to the closest window and cautiously peeked in. Mara had taken off the sweat pants she wore to the garage and was wearing a pair of tan fatigues. Kim watched as Mara appeared to be desperate. Like she had to go to the bathroom. Kim saw her squirming around and eventually she started to soak her pants. Kim’s jaw dropped as she saw Mara’s pants getting drenched. She couldn’t believe it. Mara was pissing herself. Kim noticed Mara’s face and the look of excitement. This wetting was turning her on! Kim kept watching as Mara groped her pissy crotch and appeared to be masturbating. Kim felt a strange excitement come over her as she watched Mara rubbing her soaked pants and pinching her nipples thru her shirt. Mara moaned and was feeling herself all over and Kim noticed Mara reach to the back of her pants a few times as well and then bring her hand to her face and sniff her fingers. Kim felt her nipples getting harder and felt her pants crotch get damp.
Finally Mara was done masturbating and Kim pulled back so she wouldn’t get seen spying. She cautiously looked in again and was shocked again as Mara had turned around and not only had she wet her pants, Mara had a dump in the seat of her pants that looked like it had been squished over and over. Kim knew that her hand going back there was obviously mashing the shit in her tan pants. And her sniffing now made sense well some sense. Kim was still turned on even after realizing her idol had pooped her pants as well. Kim stood still and watched as Mara changed back into her sweat pants and headed for the garage door. Kim hid and waited for her to go in. she then went back to her apartment across the street.
Kim went right to her room and stuck her hand down her pants and began fingering about Mara. She was surprised by her excitement but found herself calling Mara a pants pooper and a piss pants as she rubbed herself. She began to see the dirty side of her friend and she wasn’t going to let that rest. Kim found herself having a thundering orgasm and the wheels in her head started to turn thinking of a way she could enjoy another pants messing by Mara!
Kim spent a few days wondering and finally came up with a great idea. That idea and more adventures are coming soon!

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