Kimmy’s surprise part 2

After Kimmy witnessed her Idol messing herself that day she couldn’t stop thinking about it. Every time she saw Mara she imagined her in those pants pissed and loaded. Kimmy thought and thought and then came up with an idea. Her and Mara got together once in a while to talk and Kimmy knew that this talk would have to be one that would involve something to see her reaction.
The next day was Friday, a perfect day to go over to Mara’s. Kimmy had a plan and couldn’t wait for it to unfold. Kimmy walked over and Mara opened the door and let her in. they sat at her kitchen table and Kimmy talked about her day and her job at the mall. it was the usual stuff until Kimmy said “Oh I forgot to tell you what I saw at the mall when I was leaving the other day!” Mara looked over and asked her “What Kimmy?” Kimmy giggled, “your not going to believe it” Mara smiled “weird huh?” Kimmy smiled. “You know Kelly, that girl she’s about 30 and lives in the apartments on third?” “Yea, the good looking dark haired girl, I know of her.” Kimmy smiled, “well I saw her leaving a bar at the mall. She was staggering a bit so I followed for a minute. Right up to her car where, and I couldn’t believe my eyes, She stopped crouched and pissed her jeans!” Mara’s jaw dropped and her face was bright red! “peed her pants? Mara exclaimed! “down both legs and a puddle at her feet” Kimmy laughed. Mara sat still her face red and Kimmy noticed that her nipples were at attention in her top. Kimmy knew at that point that she had aroused Mara and was certain know that Mara would become friends with Kelly soon.
Mara said “poor thing” Kimmy smiled “yea, I didn’t stay, didn’t want her to see me looking, who knows she might not have been done and perhaps filled her jeans” Kimmy giggled and a red faced Mara laughed and her nipples were hard and she shifted in her chair. Kimmy and Mara finished there conversation and Kimmy walked back home and went straight to her bedroom and unzipped her pants and stuck her hand down them. She stroked herself gently knowing that her friend was probably pissing her pants and doing the same thing after her story. Kimmy knew that this would become a topic at all their talks, and she couldn’t wait to see where it would end up! Kimmy also started thinking about trying to pee in her own pants to experiences the feeling herself, and she planned to do it soon.
stay tuned for part 3 “kimmy tries accidents” coming soon.

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