Key In The Door

I live about a mile from the University and normally I walk there and back.  Only during the very worst weather do I take the bus.  But this was late afternoon in late April and the weather was fine.  The sun was out, but it wasn’t warm.  The wind was low, so overall it was quite a nice day to walk home.

It had been a tough day with two deadlines and a long series of lectures so I didn’t set off at a brisk pace.  I just wanted a quiet walk home, looking forward to a cup of tea on the sofa, watching some mindless TV for an hour.  The pavement was dry, there was a little warmth from the sun and the buds were just appearing on the trees, so I walked a bit slower still.

About a third of the way home I started to feel the need to poop.  Normally I get little warning of a need to poop and I can only hold it in for a few minutes before the pressure is too great.  This is OK in most circumstances and it doesn’t take long to get to a toilet, even when I’m out and about in town.  Fine, I thought, I’ll just hold on until I get home and then dash upstairs to the bathroom.  Of course, I started to walk a bit faster.

The pressure was steadily growing as I walked even faster, and I was sure that I could hold on until I got home.  However, my body had other plans.  About three quarters of the way home my need was overpowering.  I was on a fairly busy street, and I never poop in public – it’s just something I can’t overcome.  But the need to poop was unbearable. 

Usually when I’m indoors and the need to poop is overpowering I clench my butt and take little steps until I can get to the toilet.  This works most of the time but I often end up with a few squirts in my boxer briefs when the poop is soft, and I can clean up quickly after I’ve relieved myself.  However, I was out in public, on a street with quite a few people around.  I couldn’t do my funny walk with people watching, I’d be far too embarrassed.  Also, I just couldn’t let go in case people noticed the bulge, or the potential staining.  But I had to do something.

I was close enough to a shop that I could stop in front of it’s window and pretend to be looking at the display inside.  I managed to get to the shop window and then fought to keep the poop under control.  Standing there, squirming a little, I fought to keep the poop inside.  My butt cheeks  struggled to keep the hole closed.  The poop had to stay in, I really didn’t want to let go in public.  The pressure built in waves, and my clenching got stronger and stronger.  I didn’t think I was going to be able to hold on.

Sadly, I didn’t manage, at least not completely.  I felt the poop starting, despite all my efforts, and I could feel the warmth spreading on my ass.  However, this small amount of poop was all I needed to get the rest under control.  I’d relieved just enough pressure to be able to stop the poop.  Actually, the feel of a bit of poop smeared over my ass felt good.  A little warmth, a smooth lubricated feeling, and I could rub my butt cheeks together in a sexy way that felt much better than normal.  I felt myself stiffening a bit and enjoyed the sensation of the poop a bit more, steadily getting harder and harder.  However, I still had to get home.

I waited a few seconds and then decided to make a run for home.  By run, I mean walk, and a fairly slow walk at that.  If I went too fast I knew that the pressure would be too much and the poop would appear in an uncontrollable dump that would totally fill my boxers.  However, I wasn’t too far from home, so I could make it home before it was too late – or so I hoped.

Initially, I felt OK with just a bit of poop in my boxers as I didn’t think anything would show – apart from the smell and people would think I’d just done a smelly fart and I’d be past them quickly and they wouldn’t realise that it was more than just a fart.

However, about thirty yards further on, I felt the pressure begin to build again, and this time I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop the poop.  It was a race between my walking and taking a big dump in my boxers and I was determined that I’d get home before the poop appeared again.  Soon I could see my home and my spirits lifted.  I was going to make it!

The pressure built and built and nothing was going to stop the imminent dump, but I made it to my front door before the explosion.  Nearly there!  Just get the door open and it’s a few short yards to the bathroom.  However, my front door had other ideas.

My front door has a Yale lock and I’d forgotten that sometimes it can be hard to turn the lock.  Occasionally the lock catches and the key won’t turn.  It just takes a few wiggles and then the door will open.  Of course, today was one of those days where the lock caught.  Just a few seconds where the key stuck and the lock stayed shut.  But those couple of seconds was all it took.

Distracted by the need to open the door, to free up the stuck lock, I took my mind off the struggle to keep the poop in.  My frustration grew as I tried to get the door open, the pressure on my ass almost unbearable.  Focussing more on wiggling the key, I lost the battle with the poop.  With no more warning, I let go and the poop flowed into my boxer briefs.  In one long push, it all appeared.  It was quite a soft poop, not runny or wet, just soft, squishy, smooth.  With the pressure to poop, there was no stopping the flow and being soft, the poop easily spread inside my boxer briefs.

With the poop flowing into my boxers I just stopped moving.  It was too late and there was nothing more I could do to keep the poop inside.  I relaxed as the poop flowed, steadily filling my boxers.  The more I relaxed and the more poop that appeared, the more aroused I became.  Reaching out to the key once more it turned easily in the lock and the door was open.  By the time I stepped into the house and closed the door my cock was as hard as I’d ever known it to be.

My accident was having an interesting effect.  I made my way to the bathroom, dropping my jacket on the floor on the way.  I knew I needed to clean myself up, and I was turned on more than I thought possible without another person being there.  Walking with a solid cock and your pants full of poop isn’t very easy, my jeans were restricting the pulsing of my cock, so I undid the top button of the jeans to allow my cock room to move.

I got to the bathroom and then came the problem of getting my boots off.  I wear walking boots and they were tightly laced and it’s not possible to just push them off my feet.  Either I had to bend down or I’d have to lift my booted foot and put it on the edge of the bath so that I could untie the laces.

I chose to lift my boot onto the bath and got another huge surprise.  I’m sure everybody else knows what happens when you bend your leg in jeans, but I hadn’t thought about the stretching that the jeans would undergo and the inevitable pressure on my ass that resulted.  As I placed by boot on the bath I realised that the poop was being squeezed, moved, spread by the movement of my leg.  And what a pleasure that was.  Poop spreading slowly over my ass, left, right and up, but most especially down.  The poop went down, below my hole and between my legs.  I can’t express how good that felt, but my cock was straining harder and harder against my boxers, throbbing every few seconds.

I totally forgot about cleaning up and just let the sensations flow over me.  Time slowed down and I relished every little change of the spread of the poop.  I focussed more and more on the poop between my legs as it spread closer and closer to my balls.  I reached down and undid the zip on my jeans so that I could get to my prick.

Undoing the zip relieved the pressure on the jeans so the spread of the poop slowed down, which wasn’t a problem by now.  The feelings were so good that I was in no hurry to stop them.  One hand took hold of the waistband of my boxers and the other reached in to caress the end of my cock.  I didn’t grip my cock, just gently stroked the end a few times.

And then the poop reached my balls and I could feel the warmth caress my balls, enveloping them in a soft embrace.  With my fingers on my prick that was all it took and I came, over and over again.  There were several waves of pleasure as my cum erupted into my boxers – stream after stream.  I even shuddered a bit as I came, again and again.

All too soon it was over, but what a rush it had been in those brief minutes from door to bathroom.  Of course, I still had to clean up, but that was quite pleasurable too.  Later that evening, thinking about what I’d done, stroking my cock, I came again, but not as strongly as before.  Still, even thinking about pooping my boxers was enough to get me stiff.

Needless to say, I’ve been exploring this new pleasure ever since, often day after day.  If it hadn’t been for the lock and key I’d never have opened myself up to the most fun you can have on your own.

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  1. Oh…how I know that same pleasure!! But once the pleasure is over and the cleaning begins, I can’t say I enjoy that bit. LOL. Great story.

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