Kevins last chance P6 & 7

Kevin was out of the flat with plenty of time to spare. It was one of those cold autumn mornings but no rain and the slightest chance of some winter sunshine between the cloud. Donald’s talk about the antiques and restoration methods had actually stirred an interest within Kevin and it seemed crazy to him but he was actually looking forward to getting to the shop again and starting to repay his debt to society.

Donald stared at the tea tray and traced his finger around the rim of Kevin’s blue and white china teacup. He picked it up and peered into it quite amazed that there was nothing to see apart from a slight yellowing around the base. He felt a shiver of excitement as he went to place it back on the tray but at the last second he reached up to the pine cupboard and found an identical cup to replace it and carefully hid the original at the back of the cupboard.

Over their large pot of tea, Donald explained the plans for the day. “Now lad, you know the plate wall in the front shop?” Kevin nodded. He remembered noticing what looked like hundreds of decorative plates and platters hanging on the wall opposite the till area during the previous days tour. “They’ve been due a clean for a good few months and your just the lad to tackle the job” Donald grinned as he refilled Kevin’s cup for the second time and went on to explain that many of the plates were delicate and required careful handling. He went on to tell Kevin that the wire plate hangers were awful things that could chip the edges or mark the glaze but it was the only practical way to display the things in the shop. “If you get a bucket of warm water with a small amount of detergent and another with clean, wipe them gently with a sponge, rinse and then dry with a cloth. Best to do it one at a time. There are some tall steps in the workshop. I’ve unlocked the back so you fetch those in and I’ll open the shop”

Kevin placed the tea tray next to the sink and went out into the yard. He shuddered as he saw the closed lavatory door remembering the previous days close shave, mentally noted the present status of his bladder which felt almost empty but maybe he should take a precautionary pee. He pushed the door but felt it firmly locked. Then he remembered Donald’s obsession with locking doors since his own failed robbery attempt. Since he didn’t feel the need in the slightest, Kevin carried on down to the big shed and found the tall stepladder behind the door. He would get set up first and ask Donald to unlock the toilet before securing the yard again.

Kevin gingerly manhandled the steps through the back shop into the tastefully cluttered front. The furniture that had lined the bottom of the plate wall had been pulled forward to make a corridor for him to work in. He carefully set up at the end by the window and went through to the kitchen to find the buckets and cloths an noted that the yard door had been closed and locked presumably by Donald although he hadn’t noticed him pass by at all. He thought about finding Donald and getting the doors unlocked but dismissed the idea as he didn’t want to cause any fuss, especially as he didn’t want a pee anyhow!

When he carried the buckets back through, the shop door was wide open and there was even a customer standing by the counter chatting with Donald who looked up. “Put those down lad and come here” Kevin placed the buckets at the bottom of the steps and walked towards Donald and a well dressed older woman. “Say hello to Mrs Brookes” Kevin smiled “hi. I’m Kevin”. The woman studied Kevin but said nothing. Donald continued “this lady is one of my regular and I should say best customers so you must make sure that she always gets what she wants”. “Pleased to meet you Mrs Brookes”. After an awkward moment where no one said anything, Kevin smiled again,  picked up his buckets and wove his way between the various items of furniture on display.

Donald and Mrs  Brookes continued chatting but both looked on as Kevin climbed the 6′ steps and found that he had to stand on the top platform of the a frame to reach the top row of plates. They saw as Kevin’s tee shirt ride up as he reached for the first plate, revealing the pale skin of his back which looked like rich cream against the bleached white wasteband of his Paul Smith boxers. Kevin carefully carried the plate down and it wasn’t until he dipped it in the bucket and looked towards the pair that the couple realised that they had been staring.

Kevin worked away on the plates, taking real care with each of the richly decorated pieces. After an hour or so and a dozen plates the water was looking decidedly murky so Kevin hauled the buckets through the shop and poured them down the sink. Donald meanwhile had been keeping a close eye on his charge and paying particular attention when Kevin was standing with his hands in the soapy water. After years of keen observation, Donald considered himself somewhat of an expert on body language, especially those almost imperceptible changes in a persons stance when their subconscious registers the first signs of a filling bladder. For the last three or four trips up and down the ladder Donald had noticed that Kevin had started tapping both of his feet and swaying very gently each time his hands were in the water. He had to pee but judging by Kevin’s otherwise serene appearance this fact had not registered in the forefront of the lads mind. Donald knew that he soon would and he would have to move quickly to monopolise on this developing situation.

As Kevin watched the hot water thunder into the bottom of the bucket it registered strongly that it was time to pee. As Kevin rounded the corner into the shop he almost ran into Donald causing him to stop suddenly, the water in one of the buckets slopped over the edge and splatter on the worn rug at his feet. “Watch what you are doing lad!” Said Donald as they both watched the small pool of water seep into the pile, leaving a small mound of bubbles. “Now listen. I have to pop out for a short while. I am sure that people will call me stupid but I am leaving you here to look after the place. Kevin was taken aback. Would he have to speak to customers? Sell things? Before he could respond Donald spoke again “now I don’t need to explain the consequences if you betray the trust I am placing in you do I lad?” Kevin was still processing the information he was getting when Donald started heading towards the door “do your best to help customers. Everything is priced but they will need the correct money as I have of course locked the till”. Kevin watched as Donald opened the door and realised that his chance of a pee break was about to leave. “Er..Sir?” Donald stopped and turned. He looked at his new assistant standing with container of hot liquid in each hand and another just beneath the wasteband of his jeans. “Yes?” Kevin’s arms ached from the weight of the water “could you leave me the keys please?”. Donald feigned a shocked expression and then laughed loudly “of course lad. I’ll give you my wallet for safe keeping as well if you like” Kevin realised that his request was ridiculous and rephrased “no Sir I just meant the keys to the yard” “I don’t want the shop left unattended. Anything you need to do outside can wait until I get back” as Donald was speaking he had to move aside as the woman from earlier entered. “Oh  I was just leaving. Is there anything I can…” Laura Brookes just waved her hand “I’m fine. Just remembered my aunts birthday in a few days. She collects plates and I thought as they were all getting a polish…” Laura and Donald laughed. Donald looked at Kevin “well if you see anything you like I’m sure that Kevin here can help you” Kevin realised that the whole ‘can I have the keys to the toilet’ conversation had passed. As Donald left, he walked back over to the steps and dumped the buckets on the tool chest. Kevin looked over to the woman who stood with her arms folded surveying the wall of plates. He realised that he had crossed one leg over the other and corrected his stance. Laura looked at Kevin and smiled “don’t let me keep you from your work Kevin. I’m just browsing” Kevin smiled weakly. He was trapped here with this woman, a rapidly filling bladder and a locked toilet! He climbed the ladders unsteadily and grabbed another plate.

Laura had spent the last hour nursing a skinny latte trying to think of a plausible excuse to revisit the shop and wondering what it was about the boy in the shop that had captivated her. The lad was rough for sure. Maybe it was the brief glimpses of his smooth back and flat stomach or the way his jeans showed off his bubble ass but something had peaked her interest and she was determined to get another look.
Laura watched as Kevin washed the oval platter in the soapy water. The boy looked nervous. ‘It must be me’ she thought, ‘he’s noticed me looking at him’ and made an effort to divert her gaze and watch from the corner of her eye. Then as he finished drying the plate, she saw something that made her realise what was causing Kevin’s nervousness. He glanced over to make sure that Laura wasn’t watching and as he placed the cloth on the bench he turned and with his free hand gave his crotch a good hard squeeze. The need to pee was growing fast and the fact he was on display didn’t help. As Kevin mounted the ladder he felt his bladder give a little rippling spasm which caused him to stop and squeeze his legs together. With Kevin facing away from her, Laura was able to turn and admire the way the Levi’s hugged his thighs and as she saw them tense and squeeze she felt a similar tingle

Kevin froze as the pulse of desperation burst through his abdomen. He pulled his legs together and almost dropped the platter in his left hand as he tried to steady himself on the ladder. His right hand flew to his crotch to squeeze back the pee that was threatening to burst forth. He squeezed and kneaded his bulge until the spasm stated to ease while his mind raced..’what the hell is she going to think? me standing here holding my dick..she’ll think Im some kind of pervert. got to get myself under control. Damn this tiny bladder!’ He brought the oval plate down to the step level with his crotch, and, under the pretence of adjusting the wire hanger, pushed the broad rim tightly against the tip of his dick. As the pulses eased  he raced through his options. The kitchen sink. No it’s open to the shop, she would see me and would be bound to tell Donald. The backyard? Locked along with the f*****g toilet! Upstairs! there was no toilet and he didn’t remember seeing a sink but there were loads of pots and containers. I could piss in one of those and get rid of it later. So he formulated his plan. Pop upstairs under the pretence of getting a pair of pliers to tighten the hanger. He thought briefly how mad Donald would be if he left the shop unattended. To hell with him! he’s the one with the security fixation…

The few seconds that Kevin spent processing all of his options Laura was treated to the mouthwatering sight of a young man bucking and squirming to get what clearly was a very full bladder under control. It reawoke the memory of her own single experience of desperation from years earlier when a short but furiously passionate relationship wiith a handsome city trader called johnathan and the tinging sensation grew as she pictured him grabbing her by the waist as she had tried to make a run for the en-suite bathroom and pushing her back down onto the bed where he continued nibble and kiss and lick every part of her, She could almost feel the delicious ache as Johnathan gently but firmly massaged her lower belly where the pronounced bulge of her bladder stretched the waist of her designer silk knickers.

Kevin stepped off the ladders, plucking at the wire frame and tutting in knowlegable way “I just need to pop up…. Laura pounced on the plate that Kevin was holding “oh that is just perfect! exactly the type of thing my Aunt adores” With the plate held between them Kevin didn’t know if he should let go or what. He stood there holding the plate in both hands like an auction house porter, despertely wishing that he could free up a hand to pinch the end of his dick through his faded jeans. Laura prattled on ‘it will go perfectly in her dining room above..”‘ She stopped abruptly “look! it  has a partner!” Laura pointed to a spot high up on the opposite end of the wall from the ladders “up there. See?” Kevin was slowly walking in place seeing his great plan unravel with the same rapidity as his tiring sphincter muscles. He turned to look where Laura was pointing and there was indeed amatching oval platter with a very simillar design. “I’m just going to get the pliers to..” Laura placed her hand on the retreating Kevin’s arm “oh please fetch it down for me Kevin” Kevin felt another sharp pulse and imagined that he felt the tiniest dribble of urine escape from the tip of his dick and roll into the crease at the top of his leg “i’ll be right back’ Kevin made to leave but Laura did not rlease her grip on his arm. “get if for me now please Kevin” Kevin went to walk away again but still Laura did not make any move ‘Pretty please”

Kevin considered just making a run for the stairs, his dick now twiching has he tensed every muscle his brain could find to control the fluid that was threatening to pour out. Knowing when to admit defeat, Kevin steeled himself “I’ll run up and get the bloody plate and then I’m going upstairs to piss in the first b******d pot I see!’

‘Oh thank you Kevin. You are being so good to me” Laura grinned and watched as young Kevin awkwardly threaded his way back through the furniture towards the steps, his teeth gritted in concentration and his hands rubbing on the sides of his thighs that he longed to thrust them between. It was her lucky day, not only was this boy toned and vaguely good looking in a rough sort of way, he was obviously slightly intimidated by her presence and best of all, he desperately wants to wee wee!

Kevin closed up the steps and lifted them. As he took the full weight of the old wooden ladder it was as if when he lifted the object up, he could feel his bladder push down, forcing the urine to the very tip of his dick. Sweating,  and on the very edge of urinating where he stood, Kevin somehow manged to get the steps repositioned and almost ran to the top. All pretence aside now, he reached out for the plate with one hand and furiously kneaded at his jeans crotch with the other. He grabbed the plate and as he started to descend he felt an agonising wave of desperation and a pulse of hot piss spurt into his tight boxer briefs. With superhuman effort Kevin manged to stop the flow. He clamped his left hand to his dick and as he fumbled unsteadily on the ladder, he lost his grip on the plate which bounced off the bottom step and shattered on the floor. Kevin jumped backwards off the ladder, almost knocking Laura over. He turned and looked down at the pieces of shattered plate and groaned like a wounded animal “no…”
He squirmed in place doing a full blown pee-pee dance. “Kevin are you ok? It’s only a plate” Kevin looked directly into her eyes “it’s not that” Laura looked quizzically “whatever is wrong?”. Kevin spoke apologetically and in a resigned manner “I’m going to wet my pants”. Laura almost wet her own panties when she heard the words. “Let me help you to the toilet you poor boy” “it’s locked” said Kevin as he bucked and squirmed. Laura took Kevin by the hand and pulled him towards the kitchen opening “there, use the sink!”. Kevin ran to the sink frantically ripping open the buttons on his 501’s and fumbling to pull down the waistband of his boxers as he realised ‘too high!’ He saw that he couldn’t reach the lip of the sink. Laura realised what the problem was and saw a foot stool by the door which she slid / threw in his direction “use this”. Kevin leaped up onto the stool and aimed his already pissing dick into the aluminium sink. As the powerful stream jetted into the sink making a thunderous sound, Kevin threw back his head in the ecstasy of release. Still pissing forcefully he pulled his head forward and looked through the window in time to see the back gate open and Donald walk through the opening. With the sun glinting off his bald head, he glared at Kevin.

Witnessing this Laura flew back into the shop. Kevin couldn’t breathe. He couldn’t stop pissing. He tried to get down, he tried to put his dick away and was desperately trying to button himself up as Donald burst through the kitchen door “what do you think you are doing?” Donald looked at the scared lad and noted the spreading wet stain on his left thigh as the lads bladder finished its job. Kevin opened his mouth to speak. Donald lunged towards him “I give you some responsibility and this is how you treat me” Donald heard a noise from the shop “wait here. I’m not finished with you yet!”

A flushed Donald walked into the front to see Laura looking somewhat flushed herself. “ everything ok”. Laura looked innocently “er yes apart from your assistant” Donald looked back where he had just come from to work out if Laura could possibly have had a line of sight to the kitchen “he was showing me this plate when he just dropped it to the ground and ran off without any explanation. Strange boy” Donald looked at the broken plate and through gritted teeth said “very”.

Laura made her excuses and quickly left. Donald locked the front door and turned the sign round to closed. He walked over to the old green cast iron safe underneath the cash register and, using the broad key from his large bunch, opened the heavy door. He fumbled around amongst old papers and found what he was looking for. He locked up the safe and stood up. He turned the worn old brown leather tawse in his hands and then slapped it in the open palm of his left.

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