Kevin's last chance P4

Kevin walked into the kitchen hoping and praying that there would be a door leading off to a toilet. No such luck though. The kitchen was a small lean-to type with only a single door out to the back yard. He gave his crotch a comforting squeeze as he looked around for the tea things and wondered what was holding him back from asking to use the toilet? [i]He’s not told me I can’t has he[/i]? but it was becoming clear to Kevin that he was going to be expected to do as he was told from now on. Besides, he just didn’t have the nerve to ask just yet. Not with the mood that Donald was in. Better let him get it all off his chest first. Kevin was sure he could manage to hold on for a bit longer.

Kevin spotted the electric kettle, took it from the base and popped open the lid. [i]Nearly empty[/i]. He turned to the sink. A big old Belfast type with massive old fashioned taps. He turned the cold tap and nothing happened. He kept turning and it was only after two or three squeaky revolutions that there was a hammering in the pipes and then a spit of frothy water, closely followed by a ridiculously low pressure dribble. 

Watching the slow trickle of water didn’t help Kevin’s situation at all. He lifted his head and peered through the grimy window into the untidy back yard. He could make out some cast iron pub tables and an old mangle amongst the junk. Then he saw something that made him involuntarily cross one leg tightly over the other and bend slightly at the waist. Through the open door of a brick built outhouse, standing there invitingly, was a gleaming white porcelain toilet. Wooden seat propped up and ready for use.

The proximity of salvation triggered something inside, as his bladder squeezed, ready to expel the pent up liquid it was growing tired of holding. Kevin flung the kettle into its cradle, flipped the switch on and flew to the back door grabbing the handle. [i]Locked! [/i]He fumbled with the knob on the Yale lock and pulled at the door once again, this time causing it to move a few millimetres before stopping abruptly as the thick iron snib of the deadlock connected with the edge of the door frame socket. [i]Double locked! F***k![/i]

Donald heard every movement emanating from the kitchen and could tell the very instant that Kevin had spotted the toilet with the door purposefully left adjar. The rattles from the two frantic attempts at opening the back door left him in no doubt that Kevin was now very desperate indeed. Would the frantic lad ask? Donald had no intention of refusing to let Kevin go, however, he was creating an atmosphere whereby Kevin would feel somewhat awkward, embarrassed or even scared, to mention his need.

Following his failure to get the door open and his unexplainable inability to summon up the courage to ask for the key, Kevin used every ounce of willpower and muscle control to pull himself back from frantic, to just bursting once more. He filled the teapot and placed it on the tray with the milk and cups and unsteadily carried it through to the table.

As he sat back down, Kevin felt a meager amount of self control return and somehow managed to zone out as Donald poured out two cups of tea with the teapot held much higher than absolutely necessary. 

With steaming cups of tea in front of each of them, Donald continued. “As agreed with the court, you will report here every morning at eight thirty and work in the shop,  or wherever else I need you to be, until five thirty in the evening or later if I decide” Donald waited for response for a moment. With none forthcoming, he continued “I have worked for many years to acquire this building and all of its contents. Many of which you planned to relieve me of during your failed burgulary attempt. Given your record, I will reserve the right to carry out a search of your clothing before you leave if I have cause to believe that you are attempting to steal from me again”

Kevin listened in silence. He wanted to do something with his hands. He looked at the tea and lifted it to his lips before a pulse from his bladder reminded him that it wasn’t the best idea at this present time. He replaced the cup on the table. [i]How long is this crazy old git going to take? You’re angry that I tried to rip you off. I get it!  For the love of God, please, please get this over with before I piss all over your farmhouse pine[/i]!

Donald asked “do you have anything to say?” [i]I need the toilet, need the toilet, need to use the b*****d toilet!![/i]! “No Sir”

“I have a lot of precious items here and some not so. Whenever you are instructed you will treat every object as if it were your own precious property. You do not have free reign of the premesies and will stay in one area until I instruct you differently. The will be some heavy lifting to be done but you look like you can manage that. I think that it is best that, for the time being at least, that you speak only when spoken too unless it is an emergency and most importantly, never interrupt me when I am dealing with a customer” 

Kevin’s eyes were starting to grow teary as the full implications of the coming weeks dawned upon him. His need to urinate built up to a white hot need. Cupping himself with both hands underneath the table Kevin looked directly at Donald expectantly. Donald could tell by the squirming that Kevin was seconds away from wetting his pants. He waited for a few more seconds and watched as Kevin kneaded his dick through his jeans. “Yes lad?” Kevin blurted out “can I go to the toilet please Sir!”. Donald looked out of the rear window into the yard as if he hadn’t heard. In the few short seconds that it took Donald to reply, Kevin’s bladder contracted and pushed the hot pee right to the tip of his dick causing the lad to pinch the tip tightly through his denims. “Yes of course” Kevin waited for Donald to find the key or walk towards the door or something, anything, [i]just please get me to toilet now! [/i]”Oh right. Keys. Now where did I put the keys?” Donald patted his pockets absent mindedly as Kevin’s bladder approached critical mass! Finding  the keyring,  he ambled to the back door with Kevin, now barely able to stand straight hobbled behind “I have to keep everything locked since the.. Oh well, you know why” As he turned the lock and opened the door, Kevin burst past him like a greyhound out of the trap. “My you are in a hurry” said a smiling Donald.

In his haste, Kevin has popped the waist button along with the ones on his fly, causing his jeans to slip down to just above his knees. He let out an audible moan as he felt the exquisite relief as what felt like gallons of liquid tumbled into the old toilet turning the water into a frothing swirling pool of pent up red hot pee

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