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Donald Tasker shifted round in his chair slightly and turned his gaze away from the judge who was speaking to the jury as part of his summing up before sentencing and looked towards the accused. 
Kevin Sharp was thin weasly looking 18 year old wearing his well used court suit. From the fact that the jacket and trousers were now fitting very snugly, he could only assume that the clothes had been purchased for a court appearance much earlier in Kevin’s burgulary career.
As Donald watched he noticed that Kevin appeared to be very nervous. It was  understandable owing to the fact that the lad was possibly only minutes away from a prison sentence but the occasional facial ticks and slight body movements made Donald wonder if Kevin needed to go to the toilet? Donld was snapped out of his train of thought as the judge told the accused to stand. The gap between the brass handrail and the wooden panel  gave Donald a perfect view of Kevins hands crossed in front of his crotch. The trousers were way too tight and so worn that the outline of the lads briefs could be clearly made out and as Kevin unclasped his hands and re-clasped them behind his back, the court was treated to a snug little crotch bulge.
“Kevin Sharp. You have been found guilty of the crimes of breaking and entering and attempted burgulary. Even at this relatively young age you are well on your way to becoming a career criminal. The previous terms in young offenders institutions seem to have had little effect on changing your behaviour. As you are eighteen and as such can be treated as an adult are eligible to serve a prison sentence”

Kevin brought his hands back in front and as Donald watched closely, the lad pressed his clasped hands firmly into his crotch. Oh lovely, he suffers from a nervous bladder. This is going to be too nice! thought Donald,

“A crime like this is subject to a minimum prison term of 12 months with no early release, but thanks to an unprecedented appeal for leniancy from your victim, I have decided to give you one last chance to turn away from this life of crime. You are hereby sentenced to 6 months community service subject to special license 6 subsection 3”

Donald watched as Kevin breathed a huge sigh of relief as he heard the judgement being passed down and knew that he was yet to find out what the special conditions the judge had imposed.

Judge Callum MaCleod and Donald had been friends since schooldays. They had gone on to university together after which their paths had separated for a number of years when Callum went to work in chambers and took the bar. 

As schoolboys and students the pair were very close friends, however, it wasn’t just friendship that bound them together. Donald and Callum recognised a sadistic streak in each other and divulged their secret desires to each other, most of which centred around the punishment of young men. Callums prowess as a sportsman saw him captain the school rugby team and he used this limited power to intimidate and torture several of the young men in the team during training and as part of the initiation ceremonies of new recruits. 

Donald on the other hand was no keen sportsman but found his way to become the leader of the college campus’ scouting troop. Both young men commanded their charges very strictly and were each fond of dishing out spanking punishments in front of the other lads and sometimes in private. The these ‘private’ punishment sessions often saw the other in attendance, sometimes to watch and often to take part in administering the punishment. It was on one of these joint sessions when Donald learned how sadistic Callum could be. 

Donald walked down the corridor to the male changing rooms. There were two members of the rugby team, still in their kit standing outside the doors. Both appeared to be very agitated and the scrape of the studs on their boots echoed down the corridor as they shifted from one foot to the other. One of the lads was saying something to the other but stopped abruptly when they saw Donald approach. When Donald entered the changing room he was met with a grinning Callum “did you see my two water babies?”  the penny dropped with Donald and he understood why the lads were fidgetting so much. “Oh I see. They need to piss” replied Donald. “Like crazy my friend. I have had them both out there waiting for half an hour so they should both be just about ready to wet their shorts”

Callum explained that he encouraged all of the players to keep well hydrated and he made them all drink a litre bottle of water before the start of each half so, even with all the sweating, there was a rush for the urinals at half time and even more so at the end of the match. On this particular day he had pulled the two lads straight out into the corridor before they had had a chance to relieve themselves and told them to wait. All of the other players had gone home leaving the two writhing lads to wait for their spanking with bladders about to burst.

 “There’s no way they will be able to hold it for the duration of their spanking even if they don’t piss themselves first” Callum said gleefully. He picked up the old pimsol and gave it a firm wack across his hand. “You can bring them in now”

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