Kevin goes camping

Usually the smell of bacon frying was one of the best things in the world to Kevin but it wasn’t on this particular morning, Kevin’s bottom niggled relentlessly,he felt miserable.
Let’s go back a couple of years, Kevin is in his final year at school, it’s a pleasant summer evening, a Wednesday. Kevin’s excited,on Wednesday evenings a group of bikers meet in the car park of a local pub and Kevin loves nothing more than going and looking at the bikes.
As time goes by Kevin makes friends with Pete Jones,
Pete’s fond of Kevin and brings him a drink and scratchings
or crisps and gives him the odd smoke,they talk about bikes
and girls as young men do.
Things progress nicely, Kevin leaves school,gets a place at a horticultural college and a part time job at a nursery. The job provides enough money for Kevin to buy a second hand Lewis lightning jacket,tight blue Levi’s and boots. He now feels just like one of the gang.
Coming up is the bikers’ annual camping trip and Pete
offers to take Kevin, Pete’s girlfriend Sue Thomas is going
too but as a result of having to work she was going to go on her own bike a day later.
Kevin’s very excited but he has one real worry,namely going to the toilet.He’s heard horror stories of the facilities from conversations​ the others have had and is truly anxious. He always goes to the toilet early morning and it’s mostly quite urgent. Anyways he has a plan to go really well the morning they leave and then he won’t eat.
The day of departure comes and that morning do you think he can, go…..absolutely not! Anyway they set off and Kevin is very nervous as this is his first pillion ride but pretty soon he’s really enjoying being that close behind Pete and although he’s had no previous sexual arousal he feels his penis starting to stiffen and become a little damp.
Things go great at the campsite,the weather’s perfect
with lots to see and do and plenty of beer. The next day they make breakfast and of course Kevin is starving an tucks into the food without a care in the world. Later that
day he checks out the on-site lavatories and they’re all full to overflowing just as he’d heard previously.
Well he got through three days without a worry and today
they were leaving but this morning his bowels were full.
It was agreed that Sue would take Kevin back as Pete wanted to stay on. Kevin rode behind Sue and his guts were sore,
Sue stopped for fuel and Kev hoped to use the toilet but there was a sign “No Customer Toilets”
As Sue’s place was nearest she called in home and made
tea and a sandwich for them both. Kevin sat in the kitchen and was getting desperate,a fart forced it’s way out and although silent was quite obvious, Kevin felt his cheeks
glowing red and he plucked up courage and told Sue he had to go to the toilet.
“Not just a wee is it Kev?” Sue said, he sheepishly said “no”. By this time Sue’s fanny was gagging for it, the first thing that the lads want when they get home is a crap Sue thought to herself. “Follow” me Sue said as she dashed up the stairs. She threw open the bathroom door, shoved Kev in, grabbed a towel, locked the door,put the towel on the floor,shut the toilet lid and sat on it.
She beckoned Kevin come stand before her,her nimble fingers undid the leather belt round his hips, undid the button of the blue Levi’s and undid the rest of the buttons then she eased the jeans down round his knees, then lowered his underpants. Kevin’s limp little penis resembled a month old stick of celery.
She said “come a bit nearer”, Kev shuffled up close to her. Sue reached round with both hands and gently pulled Kevin’s cheeks apart. “If it happens it happens” she said, I’ll find you some clean jeans. Then she fondled his penis but there was absolutely nothing there.
Kevin just couldn’t hold it any longer and although he really didn’t want to he couldn’t help but start to push, he found himself grunting and straining,almost involuntarily, and the shit started to come. “I think it’s coming” Sue said and again she pulled on his cheeks. A solid turd fell into the seat of his jeans, “let it all go” Sue said excited‹, her heart was pounding, then Kev squatted down,holding the jeans out of the way, and went to the toilet proper on the towel. The room was filled with the aroma of fresh shit.

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