Kevin a bit more!

Kevin rose up from the squatting position, meanwhile Sue reached over and tore off some lavatory paper. She proceeded to wipe his bottom and then her nimble fingers plucked the turd that had fallen into Kevin’s jeans,it was a solid lump and she tossed it onto the towel next to the conical pile Kevin had just done. This shit was wetter but by no means sloppy.
Kevin shuffled sideways so as to avoid getting his jeans dirty,as luck would have it the jeans remained surprisingly clean. Although this must have been the worst ordeal of his life he felt oh so much better now he’d evacuated his bowels, the day thus far had been a nightmare and he was
much relieved. Kevin pulled up his jeans but the sense of euphoria was soon gone because he realised noW that he was desperate to pee.
Sue opened the toilet lid and emptied the contents of the towel by picking it up by all four corners and carefully tipping it in, there was only a small mark on the towel and it didn’t need special attention. Kevin was amazed when Sue said I bet you could do with a pee now, I’ll leave you to it for a minute or two, Sue then left the room.
When Kevin came out of the bathroom Sue ushered him into a bedroom, she knelt down and unzipped his boots. Sue said Kick them off and the jeans too she said authoritorily, Kevin obeyed.

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  1. Very nice. I really like the part where she wipes his bottom.

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