Katies Stunt- Episode #8:steph And Katies Adventure

It was a Friday after school.Steph Invited Jane to spend the night at the house with of cource Katie joining as well.

Katie-im going to the mall you two want to come?
Steph-that depends,what are you doing there
Katie-Shopping,serching,and messing
Steph-poop your self with out me…..i feel you want me to join
Katie-if not you have Jane.
Jane-how is there a way for you to poop in the mall
Katie-i just go
Jane-that sounds a bit risky
Katie-i have been in worse
Steph-so what would you like to do Jane?
Jane-not sure
Katie-decide soon
Jane-well i guess the mall
Katie-ok…under one condition
Steph-that is
Katie fallow me.

The girls ziped into Katies room and lock the door.

Katie-ok so if you two are going you need to were no panties and tight black spandex…..wait.i only have two black spandex and one white.
Steph-You can were that
Katie-and i thought i was getting out easly (the author dos’t play niceKatie)
Jane-dear god how in the hell will we be sucure.
Katie-put on your spandex

And so as the girls were undressing Katie saw Steph look delightfully at Janes butt.Katie then relized Janes butt was indeed a good

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