Katie and I

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I awoke to a thick white diaper being pressed into my face. She had positioned herself such that her legs were straddling my head and her diaper was resting against my nose.

“Wakey wakey sleepyhead” she said to me in the cutest voice.

“Mmpfh” was all I could muffle before she reached back and squeezed my crotch.

“Somebody had an accident last night. Good thing I put you in that overnight diaper.”

She kept squeezing the front of my diaper, my cock stirring within the confines of my night time padding.

“I gotta go potty” she said as she put her hands on her hips. She leaned back a little and I could feel her release her bladder into the diaper. The front turned very warm and soft as her morning pee hissed loudly against the thick disposable she was wearing. She moaned in relief as she pressed her diaper into my face. I could still feel the vibration from her peeing as she pressed harder, causing the diaper to make a squelching sound. She moaned more and started rocking her hips back and forth, peeing more into her night time pants. I felt some of it leak out onto my face, trickling down. Her pee was very aromatic, making my cock throb even more. She sighed and leaned forward a little, putting more pressure on the soaking wet padding she had pressed into my face.

“All better!” she exclaimed excitedly as she reached back again and started stroking the front of my diaper. I was rock hard by now and she was completely to blame. She laughed as I moaned in pleasure from her touching me.

“You aren’t very wet you know. I bet you still have to pee more. All boys need to pee when they first wake up.”

“You’re right,” I said, “why don’t you move a little so I can get more comfortable and pee?”

Her diaper squished as she moved over a bit and I was able to get on my knees. She placed her hand on the front of my diaper, cupping me gently.

“Go potty!” she said as she gave me a good squeeze. I relaxed and let my bladder empty into the front of my overnight diaper. My accident hit the front of my pants with a loud hissing sound and she squealed a little bit. “I can feel the vibration from your peeing! I didn’t think you had to go this badly!” She pressed her hand into my increasingly wet padding.

“All done,” was all I could say. I got hard again as soon as I was done peeing and went in for a kiss. I pulled her against me and the front of our diapers pressed together, my raging erection pushing her wet padding back against her soaking wet vagina. She moaned as we kissed and I reached back with both my hands to squeeze the seat of her diaper. It was swollen from the huge accident she had on my face. I cupped both cheeks and pulled her hips even further into mine, pulsing my cock against her, to which she moaned again.

“Hold on, I still have to go potty some more,” she nearly wheezed this out. She was already out of breath just from the kissing and feeling my raging cock pressing against her wet pussy through our diapers. I had never seen her so horny in my life. “Lay down on your back.”

I did as I was told and she positioned herself atop me, with the seat of her diaper right above my face and her head down by my crotch. She grunted and let out a few small farts before I heard a crackling noise. The back of her diaper started expanding out as she pushed to fill the seat of her pants. She was grunting louder as her poop pressed into the back of her pants, hitting some resistance from her diaper. She pushed harder and it coiled down into the empty pocket that her diaper provided for messy accidents. She sat up a little, keeping her night time pants lifted just above my face. She grunted again and forcefully released the rest of her bowels against my face. This time there was an audible splorch as the back of her special underwear rapidly expanded.

She finished filling her pants with a sigh and then slowly pressed her messy diaper into my face. I hadn’t noticed that she pulled my cock out while she was pooping her pants. She bent down and took me in her mouth. She had one hand stroking me and the other keeping her balanced as she sucked. She bucked her hips back and forth against my face, pressing her messy diaper against me. She kept moaning into my cock as she grinded her diaper against me. I could tell she was getting off on this.

At this point her diaper had turned brown in the seat but still yellow towards the top. I tried to hold on as long as I could but it was all too much. I let out a loud moan as I came. This was enough for her as well and she grinded harder into my face, moaning loudly into my cock as we both came together. She swallowed every bit and when she was done coming she lifted her diaper up a little bit and released another stream of pee into her now very full diaper. I pressed my face into it again as she was peeing, the diaper getting heavier and heavier as she filled it further.

When she was done she went to the dresser and grabbed a pair of her heavy duty plastic pants and pulled them up over her very full diaper. I liked that they were clear because I could still see all the evidence of her evacuations into her pants.

I grabbed a pair of mine and we went out to the couch to enjoy the rest of the morning together. I eventually messed myself a great deal too while she cupped the bottom of my diaper, pressing it into me while we kissed. I got hard again and she stroked the front of my diaper while I pressed my hand into hers. We came together again and fell asleep against each other for a short while.

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