Karen's Decision

Karen was finishing her English essay before having a shower that Tuesday night. She hadn’t been to the toilet since the evening last night. You could tell that she needed to relieve her bowels because she was fidgeting on the chair but she didn’t want to go to the toilet. She didn’t want to go anywhere until she finished the last couple of sentences.  Karen started to get cramps in her stomach from not going to the toilet. 

When she had finished her essay she bolted to the bathroom after grabbing a towel for her shower.  Karen got in and locked the door. She was squirming as she striped some of her clothing off.
 ‘I can’t hold it’ she thought. She tried but she couldn’t,  the tip of her poop was touching the back of her panties. Karen lifted the toilet seat up and was about to sit down. She paused her movement and started to think about some sexy panty pooping women she had seen on her computer. 
 ‘It couldn’t hurt to try messing myself, could it? I’m going to have a shower anyway’ She turned the shower on so that no-one would hear her then she pushed and her load started moving faster from her bowels. Her load was falling into her panties and she was enjoying it. Karen strained and grunted, try to expel all of her poop, there was a lot. Her panties were struggling to contain the poop in just one part of the panties and so the poop was been squashed and moved to just under her vagina and clitoris. She was becoming very wet and began to rub herself. Karen finally finished pooping after 10 minutes, her load was bigger than she expected. She continued to rub herself and felt her first orgasm approaching. 
 ‘Oh god, oh dear, oh it feels so good. Yes. Yes!’ she started muttering, her orgasm getting closer and closer. ‘Oh, oh , ah, ah, ah’. Until eventually,  ‘Oh YEESSSS!!! She was actually squirting too. Her orgasm was so intense,  she loved it. She was now very messy. 
‘Good thing I can shower now’. She took the remainder off her clothes off and got under her shower.

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  1. what a very horny story, need to do one soon and just maybe do it in my panties too hugs mel x

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