kane did a poopy in his pants

Hi im Kane



well, it started off when i really wanted to know what it would be like to poop my pants (but i wanted to do it in the comfort of my own home ) and wanted it to be lots. So ive been holding in my poop for 5 days and was planning on poop tonight . But when i got to school poop thoght otherwise.


I was in maths class and really needed to poop.

But my teacher said NO Kane. So i had to wait 30 mins.

After about 10 mins I couldnt hold it any longer and just let it go. It was so much poop it lifted me of my chair about 2 inches and it really smeeled. Then to make it worse asked me to do a  problem on the board.


but when i stood up up the smeel just escaped and you could see the big lump in the back of trosers. Everyone started lauthing and poining at me and my teacher started shouting at me. So i just ran out the room into the toilet, cleaned myself up and went home. The next day i went in my pants at home i enjoy sitting init and squishing it in.

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