Just let go~

(Okay that was not the original picture but anyway, use your imagination~

Gender: Male

Relationship: No

Requested: No

Warning: Peeing, Pooping, Diapers, Swearing, sexual content (in part 2 i just realised XD).

Backstory: Jacob’s Family had gone awake for a week on a holiday just across the country, but Sadly he couldn’t end up going because he ended up sick, so now he was at home, By himself, Most of the time spent in his bed or in the kitchen to get food when he sometimes got hungry, and he had been quite bored as Being sick wasn’t much fun, adding to that he was a very lazy type of person, but then he soon got an idea that would turn this week into one he would never want to end.


Jacob was in bed, laying on his back, as he then slowly started to wake, he slowly opened his eyes and yawned slightly as he sat up on his elbows, his vision slightly blurry as he rubbed his eyes, slowly sitting up as he blinked a few times as he pulled his hands back, his vision now cleared as he looked around and just sat their for a moment, no noise, nothing, peace and quiet, it just being him, he sighed and fell back onto his back, he felt a little better, just a sniffling nose now as he then felt a slight pain come from his bladder as he then instantly clenched his legs together, biting his lip as he glanced around before rolling his eyes at himself, no one was there, no one would see, he could have his sheets washed and dried way before they got back, he could even do it a few times, he did have some diapers but he really couldn’t be bothered to get up, he had found out he had this fetish for a while now, he had done it in a diaper a few times when he got them once late at night by himself, saying they were for his Grandma as then ever since he had bought them, as he then sighed softly and bit his lip, smiling slightly to himself as he got comfy, had had always wanted to wet his bed but never had, he had read many erotic stories about it and of course in that category anyway as he then sighed, his arms at his side, his legs slightly spread as he relaxed back, he bit his lip and stared at the ceiling, he hadn’t gone last night since he was already in bed, and he always had to pee when he got up so now the feeling was even stronger and he felt like he was about to burst, he got comfortable and fully relaxed and it took a moment before then a small stream started, his instincts wanted to cut in and hold it in but he pushed past them and then relaxed, then a full force stream coming out and starting to soak his boxers as he moaned softly to himself, he kept peeing a thick stream as the bed and sheets started to get soaked, all you could hear were his moans and quiet whimpers of pleasure and a loud hissing sound, he was now gripping the sides of the sheets, it feeling good to finally let go from holding, and for how erotic it was, he knew it wasn’t much but it was alot to him.

He soon finished and sighed softly as he stayed laying there for a while, just laying, his eyes closed now as he laid in the wetness, the warm wetness, his blanket now off him, quite liking the feeling, he opened his eyes and then leaned up on his elbows again, looking down to his crotch where he saw a huge wet patch, one too on the sheets and his bed as he fell back again, smiling to himself, he wish he had someone to pee with whether a guy or girl, he would have loved either as he then sighed and closed his eyes lightly, just wanting to rest and calm down for a moment, but then before he knew it he had fell into another sleep.

Jacob soon woke up later with another feeling in his stomach, this time in his bowels, he yawned slightly before then the memories from earlier came back to him and he slowly sat up properly this time, checking the time, it was still 11 Am, and he had gotten up at nine so he had only slept for a few hours as he sniffled slightly before finally getting up, his bed and boxers were only lightly damp now, and he liked it and could’t be bothered changing as when he stood up, the feeling in his bowels had gotten worse and he groaned softly to himself and started to walk to his connected bathroom before he stopped and bit his lip, he had already pissed himself in his bed, he could have some fun with this…

So then he decided as he started to walk downstairs, that today he would not be using the toilet, he would go everywhere and anywhere but the toilet, he was quite excited, he knew he was gonna have an awesome time with this and he wouldn’t get caught, he would have everything cleaned up and smelling exactly the same by the time they would get back as he then made some food for himself, just a sandwhich as he wanted to hold for a while, he soon finished his sandwhich and walked to the lounge.

He had soon finished his meal and was now laying on the couch, just watching a movie, he thought about playing games but then couldn’t be bothered to so he was just laying, one of his legs bent upwards as he sometimes would shift to get comfy, he had been laid there a while before suddenly the feeling in his bowel came back and he blushed lightly, he really didn’t want to move and was quite comfy, he had planned to go to his backyard or in the shower and do it, but he thought he could do that later as he knew he’d have to go again later as he then had a slight urge to pee, he bit his lip, the curtains were shut and you couldn’t see through them, and no one would come in, and he could have the couch cleaned up just like before, he knew how, had seen his mother do it as he then sighed and got comfy, his one leg still up (https://www.nyu.edu/classes/keefer/pain/pain2ww.jpg Like that if you can even see it) As he then relaxed, still watching the screen but mostly focusing on what he was doing as then he slowly started to push it out, insticts extremely telling him to stop which he almost did, but he kept going as he grunted slightly and bit his lip, it already feeling quite good as he leaned his head back as then a minute later it all came and he let out a sigh of relief, a few soft poos then came out making him groan softly, he then let out a few spurts of pee which then turned into a thin stream which he moaned softly at, it all feeling good as he soon stopped and smiled slightly to himself as he then kept watching Tv, would clean it all up later.

He was definitely going to have alot of fun with this.

~Part 2 coming soon~

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