Just let go~ (Part 2)



(Carry on-

Gender: Male

Relationship: No

Requested: No

Warning: Peeing, Pooping, Diapers, Swearing, Sexual content.

Backstory: (Read part 1) (Long chapter this time xx)


Jacob had now cleaned up from his earlier on ‘accident’ on the couch, he was now plain naked, if he wanted to do something in his pants or in a diaper he would put some on but otherwise he was just walking around the house and doing things naked, there was no one around and he had shut all the windows and you couldn’t see through them so he had everything out, not even his underwear on, quite liking the feeling of his cock out, wishing he could do it more often, he had also been drinking ALOT of water so he would then have to pee many times throughout the day, which he would always be quite excited for, he had already drank about four bottles and a few glasses, he was in the kitchen, against the bench just on his phone when he suddenly got a strong pinch from his bladder, he instantly at the feeling tensed and squeezed his thighs together, he bit his lip and then walked over to the dining table, sitting down, his legs still clenched together as he then kept scrolling through his phone, wanting to hold it for a while, so then he would get even more pleasure as he waited.

Soon it was now night and with one hand he was gripping the end of his dick, clenching his thighs even more now as he bit his lip, he then knew he wouldn’t be able to hold it much longer and he put his phone down and got up with a wince, almost loosing it there as he walked over to the kitchen sink, he knew it was boring and stupid but he wanted to do it, and anyway even if he wanted to go somewhere else he knew he wouldn’t make it, he quickly walked over, luckily the sink being at his hip line as he then quickly grabbed his cock and put it over the bench and sink edge, aiming it down quickly, keeping a hold so the pee wouldn’t go everywhere, he wanted to wait a few moments just to tease himself but then couldn’t help it as his bladder than let go, a quick and strong turrent of pee coming out of him and hitting the sink, he groaned softly in relief and leaned his head back, keeping a hold on his cock as he was leant over slightly, he then moved his head so it was hanging down and looking to the thick and strong stream going into the sink, his other hand was leaned against the bench top as he grunted and pushed it out, moaning slightly again, though having to quickly stop the pushing as he felt a movement in his bowels. A few minutes later his stream finally slowed down to a stop as he then let out a sigh of relief, smiling slightly as he shook himself before pulling his cock back and turning on the sink, rinsing around before turning it off and walking away, wondering what he was going to do about his other problem, though at the same time as he was thinking he grabbed a bottle of the water, quickly drinking it over the course of five minutes as he went up to his room to grab a book, then walking back downstairs and to the lounge, grabbing his phone as well as he walked to the lounge and sat down on the couch, normally as he kept drinking another bottle he had grabbed, watching Tv and going through his phone, still saying he was sick so he could just be by himself.

About an hour later he started to get an urge in his bladder, he then still reading his book he spread his legs and kept reading.

Soon Jacob still had the urge to pee, it being even stronger now, he knew if he wouldn’t let himself clench himself, he would loose it, he would loose it anyway even if he had let himself, then one hand still holding the book as he kept reading, he grabbed his cock in the other between his thumb and two finger, spreading his legs and aiming slightly higher as he then let out a sigh of relief as a thick stream came out and onto the carpet, he just wanted the feeling as if like he could pee anywhere as he kept peeing on the carpet, he soon sighed of relief and smiled to himself, he looked away from the book and saw the patch of wetness he had made, he then though kept reading, knowing he could clean it up later, well, when he said clean it up, he meant let it dry and then put some air freshener on it.

He then soon finished another chapter and got up, he checked the time, it being now about 11 at night. He was shocked as he then got up and grabbed his phone, he grabbed another two bottles of water and walked upstairs, still surprised at how it had gotten so late as he then sighed once he got to his room, he put his phone and book down as he then quickly drank half of one of the bottles, he was then about to lay down before stopping and glancing to his bottom draw, he then went over and opened the draw, grabbing something out of the draw as he smiled to himself and he put it on, it then being a diaper. He walked over to his bed and laid down, the diaper crinkling against the bed as he laid back, he checked his phone for about ten minutes before turning it on silent and putting it on his bedside table, he then drank the rest of his first water, already feeling an urge since he hadn’t pee’d before bed, and he soon fell asleep.

Jacob then soon woke up the next day, an urge to pee, his instincts were telling him to get up, but he really didn’t want to, he then hummed and turned onto his side, him then feeling and hearing the diaper crinkle as he then smiled to himself, he didn’t even have to move, he could just go there, so then he relaxed and closed his eyes lightly, soon then he started to pee in his diaper as he hummed lightly, to him morning pee’s always felt the best, since unconciously you would hold it through the night. he then soon finished, his diaper sagged slightly. Jacob then rolled onto his back and grabbed his phone, he looked through his phone for a few minutes before sighing and getting up, getting an urge in his bowels, though keeping the diaper on as he grabbed his other water and started to drink it as he walked downstairs and to the kitchen, he put his phone on the bench and then threw away the now empty water bottle and grabbed another, he wanted to wait to go outside until he had to pee again, but his bowels had other decisions. He quickly drank half of the bottle and then put it on the bench, walking out to his backyard, he would normally wouldn’t feel safe to go to the toilet outside, but he had trees covering the fences so that nobody could see in or out, he then walked over to behind some bushes, he bit his lip as his stomach let out a whine. He looked around just incase even though he knew he was alone, and he pulled down his pull up diapers and squat’d down, he then bit his lip and grunted as it already started to come out, he kept pushing and it took a moment before he let out another grunt, though then a sigh of relief as it all came out, a few spurts of pee coming out onto the grass but otherwise he was fine as he stood up and pulled the diaper back up and walked forward, not even bothering to look back, though knowing that it was a big one, he could feel it, he knew nobody would find it as he then walked back inside and grabbed his water and another, sitting on the couch and putting on a movie, had grabbed his phone as he started the movie, one of his favorites, and as time passed on he would drink water, check his phone, and watch the movie.

Jacob soon felt the urge to pee hit him once again, he bit his lip as it was quite strong, he was about to just pee in his diaper before then he remembered something he wanted to do, he was going to do it anyway while his parents were away, would do it even when his parents and brother were here, but he felt better about it when no one was there and he could be as loud as he wanted, he then got up and walked up to his room, finishing the rest of his water along the way and throwing it away on the way as he walked up to his room, he then took off his diaper and just left it on the floor, would pick it up later as he got on the bed and on his knees, he then started to stroke himself lightly, thoughts coming into his head, involving a guy or girl and peeing, he grunted as he started to harden in his hands and he closed his eyes lightly, imagining himself pushing inside of them, imagining himself then peeing inside of them, imagining the pleasure as he then was starting to get an urge to pee as he kept going, groaning slightly to himself. He was soon fully hard where his cock was against his stomach, he was thinking of to just keep going and then pee but no, he wanted more, the thoughts he had, he wanted to feel them. So he then got two pillows, putting them ontop of each other, he then grabbed some lube and put it all over his cock and some inbetween the pillows, wanting it to feel exactly like he was inside someone, he made sure he was in perfect position and had enough room on his bed as he then pulled his hand back and stopped jerking off, then leaning forward slightly, one hand keeping his up on the bed, and the other keeping the two pillows together as he then slowly slid in, he instantly grunted and moaned “Fuck~”, He then started to move, in and out, back and forth, slow at first as he grunted again, it felt good just like that, he then soon started to speed up, groaning softly, then his bladder twitched again, it being painfully full, he bit his lip and slowed down slightly again, he knew he had to do it, he then slowly started to pee into the pillows as he kept moving, he squeezed his eyes shut and let his head hang as he moved faster and kept peeing, his breath getting faster as he imagined as if it was real, it felt real, it felt amazing, he was surprised he hadn’t came already as he kept going faster and really grinding down into it now “Oh Fuck yes come on Ah-!” and would let out a few grunts and swears, hear and there, moaning and groaning as loud as he wanted. Soon he had finished peeing and knew he was going to cum soon, he kept moving and grinding deeply into the pillows, the mix of the pee and Lube just making it feel even better as his breathing started to speed up as he groaned, amplifying he was close, Him still imagining like someone was there he panted “O-Oh shit i-i’m Gonna-!” and he let out a huge load into the pillows as at the same time he let out a huge moan, he then soon slowed to a stop as he panted, staying there for a moment before slowly pulling back from the pillows, his shaft covered in lube, pee and cum, he then collapsed back onto the bed, he grabbed some tissue’s and cleaned himself up, though leaving the pillows for now, would clean it up later as he closed his eyes lightly and smiled, slowly falling asleep.

So far him being “Sick” had been the best sickness he had ever had.

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  1. Kinda unrelated (great story btw) but the hunk in the gif fucking a diaper or a pillow? Either way, it would be nice to know the source!

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