Just Happened This Morning!

Just a quick story to share that JUST happened about 1/2 hour ago.  I went out to breakfast with a buddy at the local diner spot…..had lots of coffee & good big breakfast.  We parted ways & I had to run to the hardware store for some supplies & then to the supermarket.  While driving home, I was getting a rather strong urge that a good big dump was building up….I got home, took the packages out of the truck, too many for one trip…..brought the first of them into the house….debated on heading into the bathroom to dump first before going back out….but, figured I’d hold it….it felt good & it was a big load & solid….not loose.  I like the challenge & excitement of taking the risks with it!!

I got the last of the bags out of the truck….just as I was closing the tailgate, a neighbor stopped his truck across the end of my driveway to chat….He is a young, sexy hunk & I walked over to his truck….leaned on his passenger side open window with my arms resting on the window ledge & my head slightly in his truck….we were talking about his business & mine & general chit-chat….I could really feel the load pressing on my hole….I was thinking…well, I have on jockeys & my jeans that were slightly loose in the seat to allow room for expansion…..I just spread my legs apart & while leaning there talking to him….I just relaxed the hold on my ass muscle & it started out….it was a HUGE pile & just kept coming out & out & filled the jockeys & down under my balls & crotch…it felt great!!  He had no idea what was heppening & we just kept talking. 

After he drove off….I headed into the house & into the bathroom…stripped down & got a shower – bagged up the very full, dirty jockeys & they went into the trash.

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  1. I would have saved those loaded jockeys and wore and pooped more in them later

  2. To nkt51lft…yes, it sure does…I’ve had LOTS of unexpected times it happened & you just reach the point where you say…"ok…let it go!"

  3. discuter avec un beau mec quand on a envie de faire un bon gros caca est tellement excitant … Ce beau mec n’a pas entendu quand tu as rempli ton slip ? Ca procure encore plus d’excitation !!!
    Rémi, ne lit pas cette histoire, tu vas en être malade de voir que le slip a fini sa vie dans la poubelle …

  4. I love doing that in public, quietly, when I can. Often after a night out, I wont bother to squat on the pavement or quiet street corner, I just use my pants to dump as I walk…..lovely. but never throw the pants away…..!!!!

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