Just got back from a nice little walk!

This wasn’t quite how I planned it, but it sure turned out to be a lot better than expected!

I’ve had to poop for the past few days, if not probably longer but have been unable to go. I’ve eaten quite a lot of fruit, dried prunes, raisins, and nuts to do some work, hoping that this would break up the load in me.

Well anyway, being out of work, I had on my usual messing underwear in case I wanted some fun should the urge happen. This pair is an older pair of some generic thighty whities I got some birthday or Christmas a decade ago. They’re a little tight but are really awesome for messing in. This pair in particular is well stained and well worn after many years of use. In fact I’ve been peeing in them all week, so they’re quite yellow in the front.

I went for my walk down to the river, not planning on doing anything. As I walked down the road, I felt my stomach do some gurgling and I farted. Hmm…maybe I’ll have some fun. I got hard thinking about it and I pushed a little to loosen up the load and let out some gas. I finally made it to the river’s edge. I had to stand there and wait for the traffic to pass first because the road was pretty busy. As I stood there, I pushed more gas out and felt a bit of a load right at the door now.

There’s a set of concrete steps that lead down to a path that runs right along the water. Being a weekday, there wasn’t a soul around! Awesome, I thought. I have this place to myself for a change. Usually there’s a crowd of people there fishing and some of them are really weird. They make me very nervous when I’ve been down there, but today no one!

I made my way down the steps, which are blocked by a gate, and there I sat on the last one. It was a perfect height for sitting and I rested for a few minutes. The urge hit again so I pushed and grunted a small piece of poop into my pants. It was very solid and I had to really work at the load to get it to come out. There was a lot of gas too that stunk very badly!

The warmth enveloped my ass as I pushed a bit more into my pants. This time I opened my fly and unhooked the button on my pants. This allowed for some more room for the poop which by this time was quite soft and squishing up around my balls.

I sat there for a few minutes longer and then went for a walk along the path. As I walked, I pushed more into my pants. This was an awesome poop which I haven’t had in a really long time. I kept pushing and filling, and really getting sticky as the consistency went from hard to very, very soft.

As I pushed my poop out, I had wet my pants as well and the front of my jeans became very dark and there was a shiny spot on one side. I didn’t care. I was still filling my pants like I haven’t in the longest time! The warmth, mess, stink and everything is what I remember from my long time pooping past.

I sat on the path, being careful not to lean on any poison ivy which grows Iike crazy around here, and finished off my shit. There was no more to push and I was quite empty. I  then reached into my pants and stroked my still very hard cock. I came immediately into my pants. While cumming I became very lightheaded and just about passed out.

After awhile I had to go home. It wasn’t an easy trip either as I had to climb up a very steep hill to my house. It was quite obvious what I had done. My ass was quite wet and probably had a brown stain on it, and the front of my jeans was a lot darker than they should be.

When I got home, I undid my pants and jerked off again. I came immediately the second time, and then proceeded to clean up. I was right. It was quite the mess that took two flushings to get the poop down and quite some time to myself wash up.

Boy I need these more often. This was one of the best I’ve had in a very long time!


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