Just A Friend

I have this very good friend of mine who’s close enough to not really care about expressing his various forms of desperation. I have many stories…but I think I’ll start off with one of my favorites.

We were driving around town, just the two of us. All of a sudden, without a word of warning, he grabbed at his crotch and keeps his hand there.

“I have to pee, like, retardingly bad,” was his only explanation when he caught me looking at him oddly.

Now, this kid has to pee a lot—in fact, he confided in me that he had wet the bed up until the age of seventeen. But I had never seen him truly desperate before until that moment.

“Take your hand off your dick.” I joked. “It’s awkward for the both of us.”
He shot me a grin.

“No it isn’t.”

He continued to hold onto his package and massage it gently while we continued to talk about other things, occasionally making a comment about his need to pee. Unfortunately, we stopped at a store soon after and he went to the bathroom immediately, but the image of him grabbing himself is still very visible in my mind.

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