Jury Duty

It’s been about 10 years since I’ve done jury duty. I am retired and have a diaper fetish from the age of ten. I live in the city, and hiding the smell is very easy. I went on Monday morning to the courthouse, I had eaten three bowls of corn flakes, and drank three full cups of coffee. The night before I had eaten lots of veggies especially broccoli with extra cheese. I had on a large depends extra absorbent diaper under my baggy sweat pants and of course plastic pants.The day in the courthouse went fine. We were all let go around one p.m. in the afternoon, and I still had not let out anything in my diaper. I decided to walk around and do some window shopping in the city, and thats when I started getting the cramps. I had walked a good six blocks in the city looking at shops and all and as I crossed each street I would let out a little pee into my diaper, but I knew the shit was gonna be huge. The cramps were really building up and it wouldn’t be long before my anus exploded. I made it two blocks from the parking garage and just exploded in my diaper. It was a combination hard and soft, but not runny. God I had a raging hard on a full of shit and piss diaper, and this was a heavy shit, anyone behind me walking would have seen the bulge. There were two women walking behind me that must have heard my farts and they were both laughing to themselves. I heard them laugh and I walked a little faster. As I made the corner and walked into the parking garage one of the women mumbled ” nice bulge ” I walked quickly to my car and opened the door. I paused for a second because I knew as soon as I sat down I would cum right in my diaper. I stood there for a second and then sat down on the big mound of shit in my diaper. It took me maybe two seconds to fill my diaper with cum. My knees were shaking from excitement. I got home parked the car in the port and went in to my bathroom and started the process of clean up. The jury duty went on for one week, and I made sure I had my veggies, coffee and cereal everyday. I can’t wait to get called for jury duty again, but wearing my diaper to the mall is good for me on the weekends. Let you know how I do at the mall..

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  1. That must have been exciting.

    I did a similar thing during jury duty but in my underwear and it wasn’t planned. Instead of being interesting like I thought it was the jury duty I attended was really boring. That was until I began to feel a really nice firm load wanting to escape. The idea of doing it in my underwear started turning me on more and more and I was fairly certain it was going to be firm and not smelly.

    Not knowing if that was going to be correct or knowing or how long we were going to be there made it even more exciting but also very risky. For a while I just contemplated the idea but eventually the desire to do it got too much to resist. It got even more exciting when I realised the load was exactly what I hoped for, really firm and not smelly.
    When we had a break I went to the toilets to take my underwear off but the load was so firm the outside of my underwear still didn’t have any stains showing. The best part was it had almost no smell at all so I decided to keep wearing my underwear. Going back to the court room with a load in my underwear was scary but also very exciting, especially when the very attractive lady sat beside me.

    I am fairly sure she knew because she sat right beside me the entire time including our lunch break. She kept leaning back like she was trying to look down the back of my pants and she also “accidently” dropping her bracelet, pretending to not know. I was sure she had dropped it intentionally hoping I was going to bend over so that’s exactly what I did. When I handed it back to her she didn’t even try to hide the fact she was looking and she gave me a really mischievous smile, like she knew exactly what I had done in my underwear.

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