Julie’s Condition – Chapters 1 – 6

Foreword – everything contained herein is TOTALLY FICTIONAL and for ADULT entertainment for those who are 21 years of age or older. It is also NOT based on any person or persons, living or dead, and is NOT meant to be demeaning in any way to any sexual gender preferences nor any sexual fetishes. I, the writer of this, neither condemn or condone anything within this written text. If you even THINK or know that you may be offended in part or in whole by any of this for and for any reason(s) related to anything within it including lesbianism, scat related fetishes and smoking fetishes which are the main themes here, LEAVE NOW AS YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Again, this story is TOTALLY FICTIONAL but does contain written GRAPHIC detailed depictions of, some rare and some not so rare, sexual fetish activities, nudity, debauchery, depravity and unhealthy habits that may eventually lead to disease and death in REAL life. Viewer discretion is STRONGLY advised. Rated XXX.

Chapter 1 – Julie’s Condition and Treatment

Julie looked forward to the end of the week because of not only her upcoming summer vacation week but what she’d be doing then. She’d even planned on being bloated and slightly uncomfortable. Julie also had pee what seemed like every twenty minutes now and that was a good sign. She’d confided to her best friend Jennifer on their smoke break at work that she hadn’t had a bowel movement in about a week in passing to see what she’d say.

“You’d might want to go see a colorectal specialist. It looks like you’re starting to show, like six months preggo. Ha. People might even start to get the wrong idea.” Jennifer advised and teased Julie in her always flirtatious way. More seriously she continued with “You know I would love to help you through this and I’m not doing anything this weekend and maybe next week even.”

“Uh sure, well maybe I mean. Let’s see what the doctor says.” Julie said looking down at her tummy that had a significant bulge as she dragged on her long thin feminine menthol ultra-light 120mm cigarette as Jennifer watched her closely. She watched closely of course because she both fetishes; pregnancy and smoking.

Julie did look pregnant and a few people passing by watching the girls smoke almost even stopped and stared at Julie then shook their heads. If they only knew.

Back at her desk, Julie called her clinic that happened to be near her home and as luck would have it on Friday’s, there’d been several cancellations and she could be seen early after lunch. Perfect timing. When Friday came, she clocked out after lunch, arrived 30 minutes early and was shown right in. The nurse took her vitals and a very attractive Dr. Heather Moore came in. Julie explained that she hadn’t had a bowel movement in almost 10 days but only felt mildly in pain. Dr. Heather as she was known asked her to remove her panties and put on her gloves. That left Julie totally nude on the table which suited her just fine and the doctor as well.

“I’m going to give you a rectal exam.” and adjusted the exam table so that it was flat. “Up you go. On your tummy.” she instructed Julie.

Julie knowingly looked back saw her doctor take out a jar of a ‘stimulation’ cream. “Now just relax.” she said. “You know the drill and this will only take about five minutes.”

Julie saw her doctor scoop about half a hand full of cream and messaged in the cream starting just above Julie’s vagina and continued up into her rectum with a couple of fingers. Following that, she did the same upward to the small of her back and within only a couple of minutes, a warm soothing sensation had began to spread throughout Julie’s loins.

“You’ll need to lift up you ass so I can put a diaper pad under you.” her doctor explained. “As you know, this sometimes makes you incontinent. Nothing to be embarrassed about.”

As she’d said before, Dr. Heather told Julie that I she’d seen this about in about four or five patients a year and mostly with females.” Julie’s breathes were coming faster as she felt her legs going numb and her lower abdomen start to churn.

“I see it’s starting to work. Just let go and let the medicine do the work. I’ll give you the rest of this cream to take home as you seem very responsive to it.” Dr. Heather said as she saw Julie start to squirm. Julie was almost biting her tongue when she finally said, “Dr. Heather, I feel like I’m about to pee, poop and, well, cum at the same time. Is that normal?”

Feigning ignorance, Dr. Heather said “Yes it is but I can leave you alone for a few minutes if you’d like.”.

“No, no. Please stay if you don’t mind.” Then Julie almost jumped when she felt her doctor approach and put her hand on the small of Julie’s back and rub it in small delicate circles. Relieved, Julie said, “Thanks, that feels good.”

Dr. Heather asked Julie if she could message her anus to stimulate things to which Julie replied that she could and without asking inserted her index and middle finger slowly into Julie’s ass and started a back and forth motion. Julie groaned in pleasure and even more so as felt her doctor’s other two fingers sliding between her cunt lips and across her clit. Julie involuntarily started humping back each time as Dr. Heather’s hand pushed in. Julie glanced back and was relieved to see her doctor’s other hand under her skirt frantically rubbing her own clit through her panties which drove her over the edge. Julie let out a load groan and with one last push, she orgasmed, released hard short turd immediately and a pee which lasted nearly half a minute. Sweating profusely, she finally collapsed totally spent.

“I need a cigarette.” Julie said in a low whisper and was surprised to hear Dr. Heather answer in a whisper, “Me too.”

Julie said “I’m sorry.”

“Nothing to worry about. You did great as usually and you’re well on the way to recovery.” Dr. Heather informed her who was sweating herself from her own orgasm as she calmly wrapped up the mess in the diaper after Julie got up. She then started cleaning Julie up with a warm towel which left Julie wanting to cum again.

“On your back.” Dr. Heather told Julie. “I’m going to give you a lower abdomen exam.”

Julie was now totally horny as she rolled over as she was asked. Her doctor changed gloves and took a tube of water based gel and began spreading it on both sides of Julie’s still bloated belly.

What’s next?” Julie asked as if she didn’t know. “I’m actually going to do a sonogram and a pelvis exam. As before, just relax.”

Dr. Heather took the sonogram wand and pressed it into the sides of Julie’s lower torso as both watched the screen.

“See that mass. You’re just totally full of shit.” she said smiling.

Julie giggled and said “I could have told you that. But seriously, I thought that when, you know, what I did just now, I was almost finished.”

Dr. Heather replied, “As you probably know by now, that was just the cork so to speak and now you’ll need to completely empty your gut before you become septic. You’ll need to take the prescription medicines that I’m going to give you to totally void yourself and keep yourself. Actually it’s something I usually prescribe to patients that are going in for a colonoscopy. Powerful stuff but I want you to take it in small doses over 48 hours, not all at once as it’s normally prescribed. To lose this much of your remaining stool all at once may cause you a great deal of pain and may do you more harm than good. It’ll be much more gentle on you if you void it over time and when you’re with that, don’t forget to take these antibiotics.” her doctor warned.

“That’s ok, Julie said, “I don’t have any plans and will be off on vacation all next week.”

“Perfect.” her doctor said and continued by saying, “You have my cell phone and I can reached directly this Tuesday and Thursday if case you want me. In your case I do make special house calls as you know.”

“Perfect.” Julie thought.

Julie’s doctor then took more gel and smeared it just above Julie’s mons and felt Julie flinch just a little as she pressed the blunt probe above Julie’s cleanly shaved pubic area. She adjusted the back of Julie’s table to a 45 degree angle saying she wanted to see if Julie’s bowels where impacting her bladder and uterus. Dr. Heather continued probing the wand in a circular motion nearly pressing Julie’s clit as it made its passes.

“Watch the screen.” she told Julie. “There’s your ovaries and that’s your bladder and they’re both compressed but seem to ok.” Though her doctor seemed unconcerned, Julie was starting to writhe again as she made firm circular motions with the wand very near to her clit which again made Julie’s cunt go totally wet.

Dr. Heather said in low hoarse voice, “You like that don’t you Julie?” as she pressed the probe lower to just inside the folds of Julie’s labia. “Since I think you do, I just want to be sure you’re properly responsive and here’s another little test.”

She reached over to the machine an pressed a button which made the wand vibrate then she saw Julie’s eyes roll back in the back of their sockets especially when she took her hand and placed in Julie’s right tit and pinched a nipple. Julie then went into full orgasm mode bucking and shaking as it tore through her to the point of her nearly passing out. What seemed like two minutes passed which left Julie squirting a substantial amount of her own cum on the another diaper that Dr. Heather had placed beneath her. As she came to, Julie looked up to see Dr. Heather smiling down at her glowing after her second orgasm.

“You passed with flying colors. Everything is working great I must say.” Dr. Heather said.

“As usual, I’m giving you a home care package which should come in very handy for your condition so you won’t have to go to the pharmacy on your way home. Just follow the directions as before and use what’s in there. I think you’ll agree that it’ll make you more comfortable and it should get you through your getting back to normal. Again, it’ll probably be several days but you’ll have to be patient and just let it happen. Open it when you get home and come back in two weeks for a follow-up.

“I’ll be checking in on you as I said before.” Dr. Heather remarked as she washed her hands and left the room.

The duffle bag was at least medium sized and Julie knowing what was probably in it, stopped at the reception desk to make her co-pay. The cute 20 something girl behind the desk gave Julie a broad and seemingly knowing smile said, “We’ll see you in two weeks.” as she handed her a reminder card.

Chapter 2 – Julie Finally Makes It Home

In her car, Julie breathed a sigh of relief as she remembered her doctor telling her that she had nothing to worry about which she knew already. She reached in her purse, pulled out one of her long cigarettes and lit it. It’d been a couple of hours since she’d last smoked and it felt wonderful. Then the nicotine entering her bloodstream brought on a feeling of a slight rumble in her tummy which reminded her that she needed to get home. On her way she called Jennifer and confided almost everything that went on during her doctor’s visit.

“Great to hear it’s nothing is really that serious.” Julie said continued with something that Julie couldn’t hear because of big truck that was passing her at the same time. “Ok, see you at 7. Gotta’ run, see you then, bye.” and hung up before Julie could reply that this evening nor even the next several days may not be a good time to come over.

She knew Jennifer always meant well and she’d at least do the same for her. Well at least now she was nearing her home and it was only around 4:00pm which would give her time to get home and get moving on what her doctor had given her. She’d decide then whether or not to call Jennifer to cancel if she thought that it really wouldn’t be a good time to come over. But again, she also knew that Jennifer had a stubborn streak in her and would be hard to dissuade. She also wondered what Jennifer would do if she knew the whole story.

After parking and closing the garage door behind her, Julie entered the house with her medical supplies and purse which she dropped inside the door of her bathroom. A hot shower would probably be a good start to the evening she thought after a tense week at work. She stripped naked and noticed her panties were a mess. A damp spot in her crotch reminded her of her doctor’s visit which the best yet.. She lit a cigarette while the water heated up thinking of how many times she came; once, twice, three times!

“I’ll bet the doctor knows what a slut I am know. On the other hand, I know she’s one too and always enjoys it as much as I did.”

As she took a drag, she looked at her image in the mirror and turned to the side. “OMG, I do look like a six months pregnant slut.” Feeling suddenly horny, she exhaled at the mirror and said, “I know I’m a slut and I enjoy it. Oh fucking well.”

The water from the shower was doing it’s job as she felt her muscles relax. She soaped her 34C tits and pussy until she came so hard, she had to hold herself against the glass for balance. Julie rinsed off and stepped out of shower, dried herself off and put on just her light robe she wore each summer.

Picking up her duffle, she entered her bedroom and emptied it out onto her kind sized bed. Staring at the contents, Julie almost had another orgasm. The largest of the contents was a 20 pack of medical grade adult diapers, a box of rubber gloves, an enema kit complete with insertable saline solution bottles, a quart sized jar of stimulus cream, an anal vibrator in long cylindrical box, a pint jar of laxative powder, a script bottle of abdominal pain pills and finally a paper with instructions which she already know by heart. It was the “standard” kits that Dr. Heather gave to about 5 of her “special” female-only client about 3 times a year.

“Guess I’d better get started. It’s going to be another great recovery.” Julie thought as she lit another cigarette to calm herself down.

The instructions stated that Julie was to take a tablespoon of the laxative powder mixed with 8 ounces of orange juice and two abdominal pills now and then each 8 hours again. The cream it said was to be applied as it was at the doctor’s office followed by wearing of a diaper as sometimes the medicine brought on a very sudden releases of stool and urine. Next was the use of the anal vibrator, self explanatory, but in the vibration mood could double as a vaginal stimulator or during a bout of cramping, be used to dislodge stubborn stool. It wasn’t huge but it wasn’t small either. The enema kit it said was for a final cleansing after all of the medicine was taken.

“Yep, just the same as before.” she thought.

Julie entered the kitchen, mixed the power with orange juice and washed the pills down with it in a few sips.

“Not too bad.” she thought. “Would be better with a some vodka though. I’ll have to try that sometime. Wonder what Jennifer would do if I slipped some in one of her drinks?” The naughty thought gave Julie a thrill.

The instructions though really didn’t say anything about the cream but Julie knew and finally another chance to put on a diaper and finally chill. She re-entered her bedroom, stripped her robe, grabbed the cream, a diaper and the dildo and went back into her bathroom placing them on the vanity. Julie unfolded the diaper, closed her toilet, laid it there and then opened the jar of cream. Remembering the stimulus she got at her doctor’s office, she opted to use about half as much and swiped her fingers across the back of her vagina up to her anus messaging it in a little.

“That ought to do it.” and sat down on the diaper.

Julie thought it was totally erotic when she wearing a diaper and immediately felt how good it felt padding her cunt and she hadn’t even taped it up yet. Julie also started to feel the tingling of cream that she’d just applied.

Horny all over again, she reached for her dildo. Turning it on vibrate, she messaged her clit which was already being stimulated by her diaper. Julie reached for and lit up a cigarette as that combination always seemed to go together so well for her. As she took her second drag, she came with a to-the-bone orgasm which made her head spin.

“Fuck, that stuff really fucking works but speaking of which, I still don’t feel like I need to shit. Give the medicine some time to work.” Julie thought as she taped up the diaper and noting again how good it felt on her. Getting up and again looking at her diapered, pregnant-looking and smoking profile in the mirror, Julie thought about it and said out loud, “Now you really look like a totally fucked up pregnant slut.” as she exhaled a long thin stream of smoke into the overhead lights above her vanity.

“I know I am and I love it.” as she dawned her robe and left the bathroom with a smile.

Chapter 3 – Julie’s Weekend Stayover

Julie entered her kitchen and saw that it was 6:30. “Perfect. Now for some wine and down time.” as she poured herself a generous glass. She sat on her couch sipping her wine and smoking a cigarette wondering if she should call Jennifer back and cancel her visit. “Well, at least for right now, I feel fine. Maybe it’ll kick in the morning. Guess if it kicks in while she’s here, I’ll just go to the bathroom and take care of it.” She finished smoking her cigarette and was pouring herself another glass of wine when the doorbell rang.

“Hey girlfriend.” Jennifer said in her million dollar smile as she walked though the door with a couple of plastic bags in one hand and an overnight bag in the other. She gave Julie a firm kiss on the lips as passed her on the way to the kitchen.

“You don’t look any worse for wear.” Jennifer said. “You look good as a matter of fact. Brought us a few things to help us through the weekend and beyond if need be.”

“A kiss, us, weekend, beyond?” Julie thought.

“Hey, thought you’d like some take-out but I didn’t know what your diet would be like so I brought you some yogurt and some other things.” Jennifer continued as she put away things in her kitchen.

As much as Julie really liked Jennifer, she didn’t want to put a downer on her ever-positive friend as she’d just gotten there but felt like they needed to talk. Besides her tummy was slightly rumbling again and she thought her head was starting to feel light. Julie was worried that her “recovery” might be a really messy one and didn’t want to repulse her. Though she’d known Jennifer for almost six months now, they’d started hanging out more frequently and had a lot in common. With pretty much the same background, education, income, body type, age, habits, personalities, etc., they’d gotten along great but again, Julie didn’t want to do anything to damage her relationship with Jennifer. She really wondered how Jennifer would react if she knew about her deep down darkest desires. Maybe it was time to let Jennifer in on it a bit and with her looming medical “treatment” for her “condition”, this would be a great time to find out as she felt her tummy rumble again. Just then she got a phone call from Dr. Heather asking her how things were going.

What Julie also didn’t know was that while she was contemplating all this and on the phone, Jennifer had passed Julie’s bedroom on her way to the bathroom and had seen everything that Julie had left on her bed and vanity. She also didn’t know that Jennifer had removed her shorts, stepped into her shower and peed in her panties while she frigged herself to an orgasm while her piss ran down her legs. Then she then removed her soaked panties, rolled them up in a towel, removed bra, put back on her shorts over a diaper she snitched from Julie, then her shirt and quickly returned to the kitchen with Julie unawares.

Chapter 4 – The Conversation Of Confessions

As Julie walked back into the den with a glass of wine in one hand and cigarette in the other, Julie suggested that the two move out onto the patio. Jennifer thought that’d be a great idea as she loved Julie’s back yard because first of all it was very private, had a pool and a bath house attached to the back of her garage. Best of all was that it had a pool and connecting hot tub. Seated at a patio table, the two sat with their bottle of wine, wine glasses, an ashtray and cigarettes between them when Julie wanted to speak up first and cut right to the point but something about Jennifer caught her eye. For one, she didn’t have a bra on but knew she did when she came in and two, she had this slightly dreamy look in her eyes.

Jennifer caught Julie looking at her kind of curiously when Julie said, “What’s up?” “Uh, are you ok? I mean you look great, just like you kinda’ caught a buzz or something.” “Uh no,” Jennifer smiled back, “just wondering what was on your mind was all.”

“Uh ok, Julie began, “there was something I wanted to tell you that I didn’t have a chance to on the phone earlier. It’s, uh, about my condition because the doctor said it may get kind of, uh, messy and I wouldn’t want you to be grossed out or anything. I really want to hang out with you and I’m glad you’re here but it kind of, uh, may involve me, well, being incontinent a lot over the next few days. It actually may start anytime as I already stared taking my med’s and I can totally understand if uh, well uh, you don’t want to hang around for that sort of thing. I’m kind of embarrassed about the whole thing if you know what I mean.”

Then Julie anxiously awaited for her reply with short quick breaths. Jennifer paused before gulped down almost a whole glass of wine and took a deep French inhale on her cigarette before a long exhale then said, “Well first of all, remember what I said when you told me about your little problem while we were on smoke break this morning? I said I’d be here to help you through it and I meant it and here I am to prove it.”

She took another drag and continued, “Secondly, I have a couple of confessions to make. While you were in the den, I passed your bedroom on the way to the bathroom and saw everything.” Julie turned a bright pink before Jennifer could get the second sentence out as Julie had remembered that she left everything out including her dildo. “WTF, I’m busted! How could’ve I been so careless?” she thought.

“Don’t worry,” Jennifer said, “your secret is safe with me. We shouldn’t keep secrets from each other by the way because I really like you because I think you’re a very special person. That said, I’m not keeping this from you either.” as she stood up and pulled her shorts down revealing the diaper she had on to Julie. “As a matter of fact, I hoping it’s something we can share fully and I also hope you will be honest with me and tell me what you think about all of that.”

Now it was Julie’s turn and she was almost speechless. Despite what she’d just heard Jennifer say, the wine and all her other med’s were really kicking in as well. She’d also just felt a firm shift deep in her lower gut that she hadn’t before now. She quickly thought before she answered Jennifer, “Great, now it’s my turn to tell her now how a I really feel and I’m about to burst like a dam. Great timing.” but managed to hold it back at least for now.

Finally she said, “Wow girlfriend. That was a mouth full. You’re right of course and now that you’ve said what you did, I’ll be honest too I promise. I have thought of us in that way, a lot actually, but sometimes but you just can’t come out and say everything on your mind. I mean that I think I really like you too but I didn’t want to ruin a relationship like ours especially if you’re not into that sort of thing. I mean there have been girls and guys in my life that I had to let go because they weren’t, you know, what I’m into and I didn’t think they’d ever understand it. Now at least I think, as you say, we share our secret together and I think your special too. I just feel SO much better that I’ve gotten that off my chest and that you’re here for the weekend at least.”

Jennifer looked at her friend smiling and said, “At least.”

Chapter 5 – It Begins

Feeling such relief that their conversation had gone so well, she also felt horny too and needed a cigarette. Being watched intently by Jennifer, Julie lit up taking a long inhale and finished with a combination mouth and nasal exhale followed by another. With her mental tension gone and her body nearly relaxed, she felt an extra large soft wet-hot shit twice the size of her regular loads let go in her diaper. Since she was sitting, her load bulged forward making her diaper legs bands expand nearly to the point of releasing shit down both of her legs.

“FUCK that felt so good!” Julie said while enjoying the new feeling of the warm soft mess between her legs. “Well, that’s round one. Belly hasn’t gone down but that means there’s lots more to come though.”

Jennifer who not only heard it but saw Julie’s face change as she shit herself, cooed an “I’m jealous.”

“Ha don’t be,” Julie said as she took another drag on her cigarette, “I’ve got enough med’s for me and you both for a month. Diapers on the other hand, I don’t know.”

Jennifer laughed and said, “I’ve got a couple of cases at my place that I’d love to share with you. I brought a few with me just in case.”

“Really? Well, let’s say I like to use mine until they’re totally overflowing so I may not need as many as some people.”

“Well I’m one of them too if you must know.” Jennifer shot back smiling. “Just remember though, I’m here for you any time you want to share.”

Jennifer got up and went around to Julie, bent down and gave her a French kiss as Julie was exhaling in her mouth and peeing in her diaper. One of Jennifer’s hands was in the front of her diaper giving herself a mini orgasm while the other was simultaneously messaging Julie’s left tit.

Julie came up for breath and said, “I also love smoky kisses too.”

“I can tell. I’ve watched you smoke on break and have been wanting to kiss you that way for months.” Jennifer said. “And poo-wee, someone is gong to need a diaper change soon.”

“Liar.” Julie said. “As I said, I’ve got a ways to go with this one yet before we move on to other things.”

“Fine by me. Oh by the way, one thing I didn’t notice on your bed was a set of rubber sheets. Wouldn’t won’t want to mess up your bed.”

“Don’t need them. They’re already on the bed. Keep them on it 24/7 because I never know when I’ll be in the mood. Regardless, I like to use my pool house bed inside over there.” she said pointing at it. “It’s got much better ventilation and is much easier to clean up because it has all tile floors including floor drains.”

“Good point. Think you could show it to me because I’d like to try it out.” Jennifer said giggling. “Oh yes and I know you’ll like it.” Julie answered and returned Jennifer’s smile.

The two of them sat back for a while, smoked and idly chatted as they did at work. Jennifer poured herself another glass of wine but Julie didn’t as she already felt light-headed. The heat from the day was passing but Jennifer still feeling warm, stripped and went for a swim. Returning to the table nude, Julie gave her a cat call whistle.

“You have a great body. How was the water?” she told Jennifer who thanked her and said, “You too though I want to see more of it, like now please. And the water, piss warm, just the way I like it.”

“Ok.” Julie said as she got up from her chaise lounge to take off her robe. As she did though, she felt the weight of her diaper causing it to sag.

“Fuck, I forgot to put them on a while ago but I’m going to need my support panties. Jennifer, would you be a dear and go and get them for me? They’re in my second drawer down of my dresser and on the right.”

“Be right back.” Jennifer said getting up. “Don’t go anywhere while I’m gone.”

“Ha, where in the hell do you think I’d be going looking like this?” Julie said patting the front of still way pregnant-looking belly and in diaper as she took another long drag off her cigarette.

Chapter 6 – Jennifer Knows It All

Jennifer entered Julie’s room again looking at all her “play” stuff that she had on her bed. She thought that she would love to go and visit whoever Julie’s doctor was.

“Fucking hell, I’d bet that’d be worth the price of admission. Wonder what her doctor is like? Wonder even if she’s a woman? Whew, that’d be a trick. Bet she could add some life to the party with her prescriptions and all.”

Jennifer looked exactly where Julie said her ‘support panties’ would be but that wasn’t all she saw because she couldn’t help but seeing Julie’s own personal dildo collection which was big. She held the biggest one and though that would stretch her out pretty wide. And another one that was a long double ended dildo which two women could have a lot of fun with.

“Hmmm, I like that one.” she thought. “Hope I get to try it out with Ms. Julie. Bet she wouldn’t mind if I peeked in the other drawers.”

As she opened each drawer in the dresser, the more turned on she became. There were BDSM items in one drawer and anal sex toys and devices in another. One drawer had very sexy lingerie and the last one had lots of adult baby things. “My, my, Ms. Julie sure has a lot of play things. Hopes she likes to share.”

Jennifer made for the kitchen with Julie’s panties in hand. She stopped at the fridge, took a couple more laxatives and gulped down an 8 oz. bottle of prune juice in a single go. “No use in letting just one of have all the fun.” then made for the patio and stopped in her tracks when she saw Julie.

While Jennifer had gone to get Julie’s panties, Julie had another firm abdominal pang had hit her and she uncontrollably unloaded another extra-large moist hot shit in her diaper. The flow was so big that began to overflow the front of her diaper with some even coming out the out of the insides of both leg bands between her legs and into her chair seat. Feeling post-coital, she lit a cigarette and started scooping up her shit from between legs and smearing it over her still distended tummy.

Julie then plunged her hand down in her diaper and scooped another really full hand full and covered both tits with it tweaking her nipples hard at the same time until they were almost an inch long. With her head now swooning with lust, she put her hand back down in her diaper and started masturbating. Smoking her cigarette deeply, she came to a shuttering climax. Julie standing dead still in her tracks as she’d some out onto the patio, saw the whole thing as she frigged her clit to an orgasm coming simultaneously with Julie.

“Fuck, that was so good.” Julie said and “What a shitty mess this is.” She glanced to her left and saw Jennifer standing there with her hand still down in the front of her diaper. “Well, if this doesn’t scare her off, I guess nothing will but I don’t think so.” she thought.

“Motherfucker, that was so fucking hot.” Jennifer told Julie in a husky voice as she approached Julie and bent down near her chaise. “I’ve almost never seen anything like it. Can I help lick you off? I mean clean you up?” She cut off Julie’s reply with, “I thought you never ask.”

Before Julie knew it, Jennifer was palming her shitty tit in one hand and had a equally shitty nipple in her mouth sucking away. She then thrust her other hand down the front of Julie’s diaper fingering her filthy cunt to another orgasm. Jennifer released Julie’s tit and returned her hand into the front of her diaper and both women came nearly at the same time again that rocked them both.

Julie laid back taking a huge drag from her half smoked cigarette. She pulled Jennifer in a gave her a deep French kiss exhaling into her mouth as she did so. Jennifer broke off and exhaled in Julie’s face and smiled. She had droll hanging out of her mouth down to her right breast. She also had a dark brown ring from her nose to her chin and both cheeks but her pearly whites still shown through.

“You’re amazing.” Julie told Jennifer. “I can’t remember that last time that someone made me cum that hard.” “Me either.” Jennifer said.

Julie looked around and said, “What a fucking mess. Get me the water hose from over there and wash me down and then I’ll do you. We can cool off a bit and then do it all over again but next time, it’ll be your turn.” she said to Jennifer who smiled again and said, “Can’t wait.”

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