Jonathan II (AKA Bridge Shitty II)

Jonathan snuck in my bedroom late at night. He climbed through my window and was straddling my rib cage staring down at me before I even knew what was happening, before I could even react. I could feel the warmth of his thighs and ass through his jeans against my sides. Before I could say anything he put his finger against my lips. I could see, by feint moonlight, his grinning face, his glistening eyes. I remembered so vividly what he had done to me last time. Having me clean his shit caked ass with my tongue, actually forcing me to eat his poop… but had I not leaned in, just a little bit, when he was pushing my face between his sweaty, hairy cheeks? Had I not submitted, in the end?

He kept his finger against my lips, gently pressing his crotch into my body—humping me slightly. “Didn’t mean to scare you there little buddy,” he whispered leaning in, “but I think this is what you want.” He winked and began slowly pulling down his jeans. He was still facing me but I could feel his naked hairy butt against my chest. His sweaty sack and uncut dick below my chin. “And I,” he drawled out softly, “Just want you,” he grunted and closed his eyes, “to be happy.” With that I felt a flurry of squishy warm poo shooting from his butt smashing up against my bare chest. I cringed. I could smell, immediately, the fowl smell of his fecal matter. I began opening my lips to speak, to say that it would get on my bed sheets but he immediately squeezed my lips together. “Shhhhhhh,” he said, smiling. He started moving his butt around spreading the shit all over my chest. I could feel pieces of his poop falling off of me and onto the bed. “Why don’t you put that mouth to good use, huh?” he started stroking his big dick and shoved it into my mouth. As he got on his knees to better insert it I could feel the shit falling from his butt onto me. He reached behind him and grabbed a generous amount of poo and started rubbing it all over my face as he pumped my mouth with his, now, fully erect shaft. “That’s a good boy,” he whispered, his eyes closed—a content expression painted across his face.

After he came he immediately flipped his body around and said, now in a more stern voice, “Lick it all up, ok? I can’t put them jeans on till its nice and clean up there.” His shit caked butt hovered above my face. My mouth was still full of cum and I could barely swallow it all before he reached around and began pushing my face towards it. “No… jona…” I couldn’t finish before my face was engulfed in ass. “That’s it,” he whispered. “Lick it all up.” He let out a long fart, which sent specks of poo all over the place and laughed. “How we doin back there buddy?” It took a long time but I eventually licked and swallowed it all. He looked around and smiled wide. “Woooooee, I feel a lot better. Thanks buddy!” he said, in a stage whisper as not to wake anyone in the family. He patted me on the tummy and climbed back out of the window, turning once more before leaving to wink.

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