Johnny’s adventure.

Johnny was a young adult who finally got his own house where he could be alone in. He was so happy to actually live among himself. One day, Johnny was eating at a restraunt eating breakfast. While there, he noticed a tall guy, at least 6’6,staring at him. Johnny pretended to not see him and continued eating. At 11:30 Johnny at a little of lunch then went home. While walking home,he felt as if someone was following him. He saw the tall guy following him, in a hoodie. He started walking faster until he got home. As soon as he got to his house, he unlocked the doors, went in, then locked the windows, doors, and the patio. Hours later, Johnny started taking a shower. While in the shower he heard something fall. He told.himself, “what is that?”. He got out the shower and wrapped himself in his towel. He opened his closet. When he moved a shirt, someone tackled him covering his mouth. It was the tall man. Johnny mumbled, “who are you?!?” He understood what Johnny said. “Andrew.” He replied. “That’s all you need to know.” Andrew pulled down his pants slowly, releasing a 12 inch long ,2 inch wide 3 inch thick monstrous cock. His cock was 8 lbs. He rubbed his giant rock hard dick on Johnny’s ass. Johnny thought it was a log on his butt. Andrew’s mega cock stuck out straight. “Prepare for your best experience in your lifetime.” Andrew told Johnny was confused, until Andrew slowly pushed his log up Johnny’s ass. Johnny’s eyes widened. His body started shaking. Johnny yelled, feeling his throat would fly out. He begged Andrew to stop. Andrew pushed his cock up Johnny’s ass further. Johnny’s small ass couldn’t handle the size of Andrews gigantic dick, Johnny’s intestines started churning. Andrews dick was covered in white churns. Andrews cock soon started flooding Johnny’s intestines with cum. After cumming, Andrew backed up slowly. His giant cock limping over, Johnny’s opened ass erupting cum. Johnny passed out on the floor,leaving a 4 foot lake of cun pouring from his ass. Andrew left a note next to Johnny. Walking out of Johnny’s house, proudly.

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