Jerking on the beach at night

Last week, on Friday night I went to a party on a beach in the south of France with some friends. We were drinking, eating and playing since 8PM ( It’s actually summer in France. So the sun don’t fall before 10PM ) and from 11PM to midnight the beach get more and more empty from the other swimmer. At that time there were only my group and around 4 – 6 other on the whole beach. That beach is actually composed of 2 part one with artificial light , there we were, and the other without artificial light, but larger. It was a 30°C night. Around 1AM I wanted to swim but I haven’t got any underwear under my short so I went to the other beach, there were maybe 10 people on 3 groups there and I down my clothes and go to swim naked. It’s was so cool being naked in front of these people on the warm water ( the sea was around 28°C ). As soon As I was bored of swimming I went off the sea and go to a naked walk around the beach it’s make me horny then I get back to my clothes and I still was horny so I jerk naked in public on front of these people I’m sure that there saw that I was naked and that I was jerking. It’s was the biggest jerking I’ve made for the past 2 yeas. Then I get clothed again and get back to the party 🙂

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  1. Watchout for tge sand!! I live on the beach and enjoy filling my pants when im ready ill go out for a swim. Easiest clean up you can possibly have!

  2. I quite often go to the remote part of the beach and poop in my brief swim trunks to the fullest. I like to play in it by sitting, laying, and slideing around in it, sometimes for hours. Often, I will stand up then fall down on my shit filled ass to have it oozing all around my ass, cock and balls. I may play for hours in the sand, enjoying my poop filled trunks. Usually I am all browned out all the way up to my wasteband down to my ankles with my cock, balls and ass covered in poop. It feels soooooo good! I pull “Willie” on the beach as I’m laying in the sand, but like your previous commenter said – beware of getting sand on your dick. If you do, step out in the water and rinse it off. I pork off often while laying on the beach with my trunks full of poop. I get off quickly if they are full.. I’ve been caught several times wanking off as I lay there. Some people will snicker, some will point and laugh,, and some will just walk by figuring it isn’t none of their fuckin’ business! I think over 25 years, I’ve only been caught a few times. As a rule, I like to masturbate out in the water more so than on the beach. I guess the beach makes it more exciting if you can exibit your pants poop and jacking-off live and in living color!
    As far as clean up: I always go out in the water and shake the shit out of my trunks and wash up as best as I can. ( One time I did this and on the way home I stopped in the post office to send a package. While I was standing in line I was getting a strong smell of poop. I wondered who pooped their pants? There were about 5 or so people in line and everybody was looking at everybody else. I couldn’t imagine who pooped but there was a young guy about 2 behind me and I thought it may have been him. There was an older lady in font of me and I wondered about her? It was super strong. The clerk waited on her and she left and I was next. I still smelled a strong odor of poop! Must be that young guy 2 guys behind me.
    I mailed my package and went back to my car wondering who bombed their pants. On the way out, I smelled it again – strong! I looked around to see if any of those customers were around me. I did not see any of them. I got in my vehicle, and as I started to pull out, I smelled the strong odor of poop once again. But I cleaned myself good – it couldn’t be me! Several times as I drove home, I got a heavy smell of poop. OMG! It must be me! When I got home, I jumped into the shower and found between both my legs there was a lot of poop that wasn’t washed out. I also found a small streak amount on the back of my wasteband that hugged the center of my back. . I missed washing it out. It was me that smelled up the post office. I made sure I never returned to that one again!

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