Jennifer’s Fantasy ;-)

My fantasy about being with a man while he poops in his pants. Hope you enjoy!

We are out shopping together. You have eaten a lot but no bowel movement for three days. You are constipated. You tell me this and I ask if you are ok. You tell me you are in a lot of pain and need to get this monster out. You can’t even sit down so we can’t even go back to the car to leave for home. There are lineups at the bathrooms. I take you to the far end of the store where there are not many people. I tell you to back into the corner. I hold you and tell you to push. You grunt and grunt. I kiss you and tell you to keep trying….keep pushing. I wipe the sweat from your contorted face. You begin turtle-heading. In and out, in and out of your anus. Pfffft….some gas escapes. I continue to hold you. You continue to grunt and push. You cry out as your bowel movement final begins. I kiss your cheek as you push with a beet red face with a look of disgust on it. Your hands are at fists at your sides. You’re doing it. It’s coming, it’s coming! I hear the crackling of it as it slowly exists your an us into your tight boxer briefs. Fuck, it stinks. You stink. I put my hand back there to feel the turd’s exit. It coils in your boxers. It’s huge. Enormous. So solid at the beginning, getting softer and softer toward the end. You are so embarrassed. When you are done, we exit the store through the back and go to the car. You are holding your crotch and ass and taking baby steps all the way. I put plastic on the passenger seat and you sit down. Your cock is soft and becomes encased in your feces. You have more on the way home. You end up getting an erection and are embarrassed about that. Turds and penises, especially hard ones don’t mix!! What a disaster. You’re gonna need a new penis,

We arrive home & all of a sudden, out-of nowhere I get a cramp and my face contorts. You won’t let me leave the room. I am begging you. I can’t hold it. I stand up and fill my panties with a very fast and massive bowel movement. It’s very noisy. I am so embarrassed. My pussy is covered in feces. You unzip my jeans and look down the front. You tell me to sit. Crap goes inside my pussy lips. I’m beet red. You order me to take off my jeans but leave the panties on and order me to lie down. I fucking stink. You pull down my underwear exposing my shit-caked cunt. Then you try to clean me but I’m a mess.

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  2. I bet your hands are soft and your pretty. Thought the story was heading for a pants change by you. Good though I enjoyed it.

  3. Really hot story. Love the fact the guy is constipated

  4. Amazing story! I love the idea of being encouraged to shit – its so comforting and accepting. And fucking sexy!

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