Jane and Robert

Robert and Jane are happily married now for two years (U can picture as average but beautiful people *wink*). Robert works as a computer technician, ya know, tech support in a big company, with a so promising position that he is thinking about going through another college degree even to change to the managements area. Jane works as attendant/saleswoman in a modest but very fond of her travelling agency. While Robert uses his intelligence, discipline and also some charisma around at work, Jane provides at work place her delicate beauty along with a huge smile to everybody, mainly every single customer. It’s not much but that’s a start, that’s why they’ve decided waiting some for the kids to come in their plans… Anyways, Robert was looking for something random at the computer last week and accidentaly bumped into a pic of a girl pissing. He thought of it as weird at first and got curious, then he found pics of guys pissing at girls and distended bladder girls. He didn’t know why but that made him very horny. He wouldn’t purposedly look for porn with an amazing wife, but he knows they had amazing sex that day.

That morning, they had their little nephew presentation at school (we know that’s majorly for parents but the much they worked hard they spent all the time together they could, so they went appreciating Jane’s sis kid). With the teachers talking before AND after, it was about midday when they were all chatting by the school’s door. Robert, being the gentleman he is bought one bottle of water (bottle of water contain 500 ml as long as I know… well, these did) to him and another to Jane, who gladly accepted it. Gee, it’d been more than three hours they hadn’t had anything to drink. Robert offered to the others, who refused it saying they were about to leave. It was a hot day, the sun was shining and they had this scenario to spend all their break day together.

Jane went to back inside to the school’s cantine and bought one cold tea cup to each one as she say the chit-chatting would go on, specially as her husband and her brother-in-law were talking about football. She got along ‘healthily gossiping’ some with her sis and as it was close to 1 pm, by then, she was really hungry… she imagined if she was hungry Robert was starving, as it’s the usual.

They went to a nice Italian, had wine along with the pasta (alcohol always makes things faster… btw, that closes 1 litre, though water doesn’t count like the others cause it doesn’t give the same effect it seems, at least I guess so). Robert felt the slight urge to go to the loo, BUT Jane was entertained counting on her dreams, goals (always including him, that made him feel so proud), as she worked at a travel company, she was ‘travel-dreaming’. He also realized that Jane didn’t excuse herself to go to the loo since mmm.. 8 am when they left home… yeah, she was really having a good time, they’ve always had. He imagined as soon as she got totally back to reality she would need a restroom… if he could think about it by now and she was always going for it a little before him usually… . His heart raced as he thought of her bodily needs, looking at her ample breasts (not thaat big, and even then a little more than just right, but those were ‘him’ *giggle* what else to ask for huh) showing on that red little blouse she put in the morning, being careful to lace a bellybutton white shirt over it (she’d never make him feel unconfortable due to her exposition with him by her side) matching with red lips telling about the Swiss Alps now. She thought he was really beautiful too, quiet (like cute shy) at first, but once you got to talk to him, so nice and gentle, beautiful hair, hard jaw, ample shoulders (not that atheletic, but to cuddle her it was ample, she contented herself in that concept).

While she talked he was discussing with himself, mentally. As much as he wouldn’t think appropriate seeing porn as a married guy, he couldn’t be selfish enough to feel desire over her wife’s basic needs, could he? Though, could he have a better opportunity than this to… explore the… possibilities?! As thinking, he evaluated his bladder, yeah, manageable, but full some as he has already signed for the bill. Desire won reason (though we ALL think it’s quite reasonable his decision… watch out lol).

“Dear, shall we?” he said, after giving the bill briefcase back to the waiter.

“Already?” she asked. She would still have a coffee, order dessert.

“Um… I saw in the forecast it might rain today, we’d better go.” he said, standing up. Oh, shouldn’t he had another excuse that didn’t have water included in it, damn, he thought to himself. That got him mentally evaluating his bladder. Yup, that should be better. Anyways, it worked.


“Oh, go on, where were you?” encouraged her to finish her ideas, moving to the parking lot, if you were a good noticer, a little faster than usual, unconsciously placing himself beside her with his body between her and the way to the bathroom, kinda ushering her for the door, to the parking lot where the sun was shining and there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky. He didn’t dare look up as he well knew that and not to encourage her to do the same *giggle*

Back to their hometown, there was a two hour trip (one hour, on the freeway in a ‘no traffic’ weekend or two hours ‘appreciating the road between the corn fields… so that, two hours).

“Robert, dear, you’re so quiet. Gee, sorry, I’m not giving you much of a chance to talk.” She said with her sweet laughter.

He was a bad liar, but it had already worked, as long as he reached the town exit before she told him to stop for the loo in downtown (the town, which was small, so that wasn’t a hard mission to accomplish).

“Uh, it’s nothing.” he replied while his heart raced at that one. He kept looking at the lane.

“Oh… so prudent… worried with the wheel and the upcoming rain.” she chided him as she caressed his cheek. With that, his half hard boner got ‘other half hard’ and poked up, getting tight in his trousers.

Right now, he’d get the exit to the field road, not the freeway, he had to recall himself, though the blood pumping to his heart, making it beat faster, and to his dick, making it throb up in antecipation. Unconsciously, Jane had her thighs together and her hands on the sides of them, as he cought in the corner of his eyes.

Noticing that (before her) he thought it wouldn’t be good to keep quiet. So that, he started talking some about his work. Actually, he was talking a little more technical things Jane didn’t understand than usual but neither she noticed or he realized.

“Rob, you got the wrong exit to the field road?” Jane asked, no reprehension, but sympathetically as a recall.

“Oh no, it’s just that… sweet, hum… for us to spend mmm… ‘time together’ (thought running together: that was poor.. you’ll spend the same time together anyway at home)… we can take advantage to drive home and appreciate the country view (he ammended… yeah, that was better).”

“Well, it’s going to take longer.” she commented in a fading tone to finish the point, not really caring much. It was a good idea. Was it?

She rocked her knees together and curved her feet and then back to normal. As the concept ‘time’ got to her mind, she felt her bladder heavy and moved one hand to her knee. The seatbelt at her waist didn’t help. She recalled and whoa… it’d been mmm now, just over 6 hours she had her last pee.

“So, as I was saying” Robert kept on “you know, Ben, he said it wouldn’t work, but it just did. Guess what, the boss, the old man, got happy and gave me another of these to build. I hope he gives me more of those, and soon we have the money to make your trips you always mention.” As she got quiet, he continued “But then, on the upper floor there was Donna, she’s always telling us that Bob won’t last with Karen, but I just think it’s because she’s after him.” Yeah, he was using all his talking resources and as Jane grew quiet, his heart raced again as he realized it was now a matter of time to hear the sweet words. Sweet words? He thought to himself.. yeah, that was more exciting than he could think of at first. Jane didn’t want to interrupt him, so as he paused, she said it.

“Mm… I guess we have to stop ’cause I have to pee.”

As she said the word ‘pee’ he felt his own thighs muscles tense as the seatbelt heavened over his lower ab, but he tensed his shoulders and his conscience told him to keep quiet, not dare moving his hands from the wheel.

“Can’t you wait ’till we get home?” he asked. Of course, he wasn’t being reasonable, there was still more than one hour to go.

“No! We don’t go since morning, just a few minutes ago I realized that.” she said moving her together thighs to the sides a little.

As she said that, he was reducing the speed and almost automatically moved his left hand out of the wheel to his crotch. Quickly, he put it back on the wheel. That didn’t pass unnoticed by Jane.

His sudden reducing of speed came to a stop on the side of the road.

“Good idea.” he said, giving up on whatever plan and quickly opened the door and went to the side of the road, turning around the car, close to the field planation, close to the car. There wasn’t anyone in the sunny plain road for miles as his sight could reach. It felt so good unfastening his belt he almost shivered… almost… as he unfastened his trousers.

“I can’t believe it Robert, I can’t go in ….mmm… here”. Jane said a little louder, as was enough for him to hear, through the open window.

But he was no longer listening to her. From holding he felt that spasm that almost hurt, but in a good way after releasing the torrent of piss, in a golden arch glistening under the bright sunlight, making that pouring sound on the ground. Robert bent backwards, his head up, but closed eyes, both from the blinding sun and the relief, in which he allowed himself even a long sigh, almost like a low groan.

As conscience hit him back, he automatically turned his back to the car, to fasten his pants not to face Jane. Jane? She said SHE CAN’T PEE HERE. He almost smiled to himself as it hit him. His heart raced once more as his cock started to poke already in his now fastened trousers. He got back to the car.

“Robert, I can’t believe!” Jane said in disbelief.

“Well, I had to go, too.” he simply, said, only looking down, at his stuffed crotch bulge (hoping Jane didn’t notice. She didn’t seem to, she was too worried about her own needs). He was about to say she didn’t go too because she didn’t want, as there was absolutely nobody watching but quickly erased it from his mind, almost ‘punishing’ himself for even thinking on saying that as the plan was still on!

“Stop at the next gas station.” Jane said.

“Ok.” was all he could say.

As the conversation died, he thought better turning the radio on. He really wasn’t paying attetion to it, but only to Jane, looking at the landspace through the window. She had occasionally, briefly put her hand in her crotch twice and was fidgeting her legs a bit…mm some.

She was pondering if he hand’t noticed the much they didn’t use the bathroom. That she quickly concluded for a ‘yes’ as he needed to go, too. Yeah, he did, and not her, she recalled as she pressed big time, this time, her crotch. It was so not him, the gentleman he was, always a so planning person, he always made the schedule, and passed in front of the bathroom before she asked him to. He was acting a little weird today, maybe. Did he do this on purpouse?

It’s been one hour. She already had to speak it aloud twice.

“Robert, I need the bathroom. It’s been 7 hours.” she said again, as she was now had her right hand permanently on her crotch. She didn’t feel shy, I mean, some, but not quite, in front of Robert. So that, to please her body for the best, at least, make it more bearable, he kept her hand there, and even squeezed, like massaged it a few times.

Robert was unconsciouly with his right hand on his crotch, pressing with his thumb over his willy’s head, not knowing whether trying to push it down not to get totally hard, and tight to his pants, or to please it.

“Robert, what you’re doing with your hand down there?” she asked, pointing to it.

“It’s just that feel horny. You’re so sexy, honey.” he honesly replied. He didn’t say “and you’re making me crazy, rocking in the seat this way with a full bladder and I’m just imagining the golden stream pour out of your engorded lips.”

She remarked that but didn’t say anything.

She changed it to the right hand as she readjusted her seatbelt. She pondered a brief little. She could have sex too, well all but AFTER she had the loo. Was she going to make it?

This time, while his heart raced as he was almost masturbating himself with one hand and driving with the other (it looked like almost he had to pee more than her. She knew it wasn’t that just because she saw him peeing one hour ago). Oh… just thinking about his stream, she had to see (it was a good view though.. she pondered that remark in her mind), made her need a little worse. About sex, she put that to the very back, almost outside her mind… if she could… as almost all of it was dedicated at the time to control her body, her bladder pressing big time… as she squeezed her already pressed hand in her crotch. Was she going to make it?

As he saw the gas station, she saw also Jane loosing some her seatbelt around her waist… she even put her hand over her lower tummy to ‘measure? feel? her bladder’. Oh, that gave him inspiration enough to speed up.

“Robert, THAT was the gas station?” she said.

“Oh…” he simple mumbled… think fast, think fast “But we’re almost home.” he tried to ammend, as it was actually true as they just entered the city.

Well, another answer replied. Yes, he did it on purpouse.

Those ten minutes were hell. She was bouncing up and down on the seat – Robert really had to pay more attention to the street as he was driving, not focus on her dire need – franticaly rocking her knees together, pressing now her two hands on her crotch. “Uuuuh.. almost home, almost home.” For one moment, she had to take her seatbelt out as in their neighborhood already. As she took her hands out of her crotch and had to stop for one moment, she felt the first leak, it was just one drop. “Yeah, just one drop” she thought to herself. She contracted her pussy so tight she almost felt it suck back towards inside, it was mmm… pleasant. Then two more drops “Oh, not good”. She pressed her legs together big time. Her bladder was so full.

Robert put the car inside the garage and as he got the door open all he could think of was about releasing his tension and a bodily need as strong as hers. He needed having SEX with that glorious girl and NOW.

“Oh, I’m gonna pee if I stand up.” she said to him. He almost fainted in pleasure right there, with one hand by the door and the other to his now ample crotch. “Slow, … easy.” she added to herself.

As she got up, right then she bent down with both hands on her crotch. As she hurried inside in that awkward position, Robert quickly ran after her and put her against the counter, holding her hands up against the upper shelters.

“What you’re doin’?” she asked, in a faint, tired voice. “Oh no.” she said as pee started making it’s puddle on the floor. She gasped really loud and held him. He let her go and with that, unfastened his belt, pants, all at once, threw it against the table and lifted her on the counter. Her pee was now running like a fountain from the counter to the floor. She did have pee inside her. His dick pointing to where it came from.

He rudely pushed her knickers down, actually tore it apart and entered her, pee still falling.. that actually stopped due to an engorded denial entering the same space.

She soon came as she nibbled his shoulder and kissed his neck. He exploded his so longed jets of cum, his balls aching the forceful it was inside her trembling labia. She rested against the wall, sitting on the counter and he collapsed on her for support.

I hope you like it… let’s start part 2 *wink*

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