Iwas lying in bed, dreaming that I was pooping my pants, and then…!

So, two days ado I was lying in bed, with a shirt on, some khaki shorts, and white 28-30 FTL Briefs. I was only asleep for about an hour and a half… However while I was asleep, I had a dream that I was pooping my pants. My husband woke me up when he got home, and thank GOD it was only like a kind of mushy, but not SMELLY poop, so he DIDN’T notice that I had totally pooped my tighty whities in my sleep! It was a complete and total accident, and honestly I cant remember the last time I’ve done that! 😀 i got instantly hard, went into the bathroom, came in my tighty whities and cleaned up, going about the rest of my evening with my Husband NONE the wiser! 😀

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