Its not just me!!

I don’t think I can remember a time when I didn’t like to wet my pants, but for a long time I thought I was the only one. Certainly at school, it only seemed to be me – I was always having ‘accidents’ in class, in the playground, on the way home. I always liked how it felt-and looked as well! – and would have been quite happy to just stay in my wet pants for the rest of the day, but there always had to be some bright spark of a kid putting their hand up and saying ‘Miss, Miss-Simon’s wet his pants!’. Resulting in the whole class laughing at me, me nearly crying and then being sent down to the toilets to change into the spare pants and trousers that they must have kept just for me. Things changed a bit, though, one school holiday in the summer when I went to stay at my grandparents’ house. There was a boy of my own age living next door to them who I had notice before on visits, but never talked to. This time, however, I was there for a couple of weeks and I soon made friends with him. We spent a lot of time hanging out in on old shed at the bottom of his garden. This was his special place and not used by the rest of his family. It also had a doorway in the back which gave out onto a little passageway between the garage and the back fence and then out onto the road beyond. One day, we were hanging out in this passageway when he said ‘I need a wee – I’m just going to do it here..‘ As he was spraying it against the fence I asked him: ‘do you ever wee in your pants?’ I had never said this to anyone else before – pants wetting had always been a source of embarrassment to me, even though i liked doing it., but for some reason, I felt I could talk to Daniel about it. ‘Yes’ he said – ‘do you?’I admitted that I did and that I always got laughed at when I did it. Then came the biggest surprise of all – ‘I like doing it in my pants’ he said, ‘it feels nice and I like how the wet patch looks too’ Wow – I could hardly believe it – my new friend liked to wet his pants too! From then on, while we were playing in his garden, we would each pretend we were wetting our pants during our kids games. Then one day, we decided we would spend the afternoon at the local park. His mum and my gran both gave us some drinks and biscuits and stuff to take to keep us going until we came back for tea. After we had been there an hour or so, Daniel said he needed a wee and was going to do it in his pants. I laughed, thinking it was one of our ‘pretend pants wetting’ games. The he said: ‘no, I’m really going to do it – watch’. As we sat there on the grass at the edge of the park I watched as the familiar wet patch started to form and spread out between his legs. My friend was now really wetting his pants in front of me! ‘Won’t you get in trouble when you get home?’ I said. ‘Nope – by the time we get back it won’t show, I’ve done it before and got away with it – why don’t you do it too?’ Of course I did – it felt brilliant to be doing it together and we did both get away with it! He was right-by the time we got back for tea, the wet patches didn’t show and we were nearly dry again. We repeated this fun several times more during my stay there and needless to say, next school holiday I was asking to stay with my grandparents again!

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