It's Hard to do in Japan

I am in Japan on my year abroad atm. Therefore, I am not entirely sure if I can actually use this site or not as I am on a university server (anyone no if they can see what I am doing or not??)

Anyway I have a roomate and we get very little alone time generally which has made endulging in some WPB action a little difficult. Nonetheless, the other day I had been drinking water alot, as it’s so hot here, got back to my room absolutely bursting. My room-mate was out, so I took my chance.

I sat down on the loo and really needed to poo. I haven’t been getting much action in the few weeks I have been here, so I stuck a few fingers up and got a little messy with 3 fingers up my full hole.

Then I sat in the bath, released the pee and pissed over my face and body until I couldn’t push anymore out without shitting in the bath too. It was great feeling as it had been so long, and I rounded it all off by blowing a pretty big load.

I had a shower, cleaned up and stepped out of the shower to find my roomate walking in.. perfect timing 😉

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  1. Nice 🙂

    As for your tech question: Since there is no encryption on this site, everything you post and request can be seen by the university’s systems administration.

    A few qualitifications: 1) There are a lot of users and a lot of traffic and a few overworked IT staffers, so the likelihood of somebody having the time to take note of what you’re doing is very very small.

    2) The way most such networks deal with ‘unwanted’ traffic is blocking the site – so if you can access it, you’re probably fine.

    3) Read your terms of use for the network to make sure that you’re not violating them by using this site.

    4) There are technical solutions (not all that difficult even for a tech novice) if you want to be on the super-safe side. It’s called a Virtual Private Network. There’s a good, simple explanation here:

  2. Maybe you should let your roomie catch you maybe he is into the same thing or might be interested….

  3. I agree with asianwettinglover, as An asian guy, Its really difficult most Asians may or may not be interested into this and will find it weird and its even more difficult if you’re living at some other’s house.

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