Is this site illegal?

TBH I’ve been panicking the last few days that this might fall under what’s prohibited by the US’s ‘obscenity laws’…any ideas? I’ve scanned over the ‘about’ section of the site, and it says that we aren’t allowed to post anything illegal (good, obviously!) but I wonder if the overall theme is? Hopefully someone can help, because I’m really panicked, ha. Most of my research says that producers/makers of porn are th eones who get in trouble, rather than the people who buy/watch it, but, still.

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  1. I think it probably means porn is not allowed but any fetish is ok. Plenty of peeing and pooping in pants is fine just no fucking.

  2. Debbie if that is the case then wouldn’t the site be illegal? Wouldn’t any “scat porn” be illegal?

  3. This site is not illegal. It is only illegal for minors to be on this site. Or for minors to do porn

  4. ^ That’s what I thought, too. I assumed that all porn between consenting adults that did NOT involve minors or animals, was legal. But then I learned about the ‘obscenity laws’ in the US (which are so hard to understand and seem vague in the first place) and I’ve been so nervous about it the past few days. I only log onto this site now to try and soothe my fears and continue trying to get my premium membership deleted.

  5. Well, I shouldn’t say I ‘assumed’…I was under the impression, because that seems to be what *everyone* thinks. The only people I’ve heard of getting in trouble for scat porn are those who distribute/produce/make/sell it (even then I’ve only heard about 2 cases and both involved distributing it/mailing it/selling it) and PPL doesn’t involve ‘sex’, like Debbie said. But I’m still anxious about it.

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