so i been thinking sometimes im not sure if these is normal of is pooping our pants or whatever sometimes i think its not i know it isnt in a way sometimes just turning away from these always on my mind kinda bugs me should i should i not give me some feedback

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  1. You do what you feel is right to you. if you want to try it once go for it. And if it don’t feel right, then don’t do it again. You may want to try wetting yourself. See how you feel about that.

  2. Normal means the majority of the people in the world do it. So, no it is not normal. But, who cares, if you like doing it and you aren’t hurting anyone … enjoy it and stop worrying about whether it is normal or not!

  3. It’s a good question. To some people it would be considered crazy and bad for an adult to do this stuff. For some it’s their religion that tells them it’s bad. We all need to balance out our lives doing different things and if shitting your pants gives you a buzz then do it and enjoy it as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone (as loverboy1953 says). You are the best judge for what is a good balance of Duty and Fun in your life.

  4. i agree if doing this stuff makes you happy and full filled and nobody is harmed by it then by all means enjoy yourself we do what makes us feel good

  5. Trust me if you stop enjoying pooping you will come back to it,I always have so enjoy yourself and do not worry about others if you do not hurt anyone it is not wrong 🙂

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