Involving you 2

We meet at your place.  We get straight to business.  We kiss for a while.  Then I squat on the floor and push out a massive shit. So big that it begins to leak out of my pants.  You slide underneath me and I slowly sit on your face, smushing the shit all up my crack and listening to you moan as you feel the shit spread across my arse.
You then smear the shit all over my arse gently pressing the helmet of your rock-hard cock against my tight butthole.  All I’m thinking of now is how I want you to fuck me so hard, to cum in my big, round butt.  You begin pushing your cock into my butt going further and further up my arse as my rim begins to loosen.  You start slowly at first, then you get faster and faster, ramming your long hard cock in my butt.  The ecstasy becomes to much and you cum so hard up my butt.  I then fart your cum into my hands and start smearing it all over my butt.

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