💩 Introduction And Short Story 💩

Short intro.

My name is Hannah.

I am of average height, and slightly overweight. But I have a full, and proportional figure.

I enjoy pooping my pants, quite a bit, especially in public.

Here’s a short story from a few weeks ago.

I live on the sixth floor of my apartment complex alone aside from my two pets. I attend school and work two jobs as well. I was coming home from a late shift desperate to use the bathroom, holding my stomach and letting off stop bubbly farts. My tummy rumbled as I got onto the elevator and I let out a particularly bad wet fart. No one was in the elevator so i pushed out a few more farts. The pressure in my stomach increased and i pushed. Mushy poop started to fill my underwear and the elevator stunk very quickly. My tummy rumbled again and I exited the elevator and pushed more mush into my already full underwear.

It was a very nice feeling and I walked around in it for a while before cleaning it up and going to bed. Hope you enjoyed, I have better stories I will share later.

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  1. I’ve done the exact same thing so many times! It’s how I got started pooping my pants in public. I would mess my pants in my apartment complex (back when I lived in an apartment complex) and walk around each time getting a little more daring and trying to get people to notice.

    If you ever want to chat feel free to send me a message but no pressure.

  2. a couple of times i have pooped my pants when running for home and when i know i am not going to make it in time i love to relax and push my poo out the warm feeling as it fills my briefs is lovely then i stand in the shower and slowly strip off and clean myself up x

  3. Great intro story dear.I love to fill my panties with hot soft poop and spread it all over my bum as I walk round and sit on it.Makes me horny as hell.

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