Hello and greetings to all- I thought I would introduce myself. I’m Jay, I’m married to a wonderful woman who luckilly shares my love of peeing. I’ve been interested in peeing, wetting, desperation, etc.. since I was a kid. I have multiple stories to share. Recently- I was having trouble holding it in, I would get te sudden urge to pee and only had seconds to deal with it before squirting in my pants. It turned out to be an allergy issue, but all evening I was running to the toilet. Almost every time I ended up pulling out an already spraying penis. That night my wife had me wear two pairs of underwear and sleep on an extra blanket with a shower curtain beneath. It was a good thing because I peed all over myself three times that night. Needless to say hot sex followed the next day 🙂 The two of us are mainly into holding, desperation, wetting or holding to the last second then peeing in a container. I hope to share many more stories soon.

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