Interesting Encounter pt. 2

Tom removed the soaking pants from the sink and put them over the hand dryer. He pushed the button then returned to his fellow employee. 

“Come’on buddy get off the ground,” Tom said. The man stared out into space, not responding to Tom at all. Tom took a peak again at the man’s privates. His erection was becoming even more noticeable. The man looked up, first seeing Tom’s hard on. The man tried to pretend like he hadn’t noticed and looked back down. Tom smiled. 
“What you like?” Tom said teasingly. The man ignored Tom, but could feel himself becoming turned on.
The man had never been turned on by another man before. But there was always a first for everything. The man looked back up at Tom’s erection then back down at this penis. The man knew he would be hard soon, just having Tom’s erect penis in his face was enough. 
When the man finally stood, pee dripped from his soaked underwear. The man said nothing as he quietly removed his underwear and washed them in the sink. Tom stared in awe at the man’s penis. He had left it out for all the world to see swinging. The man was semi-hard, his penis cut, and about three inches. Tom almost shot his load in his pants just staring at the man’s penis. 
“Thanks for helping me out, I’m Paul by the way,” said Paul. 
“Tom,” he said still staring at his penis. “I think I know where I can get you a change of pants.”
“Really that would be great,” said Paul. Tom knew there weren’t any pants for the man to use, he really just wanted to feel Paul’s penis. Paul semi-dried his underwear and then took his dry pants from the hand dryer. Paul slipped his tight underwear back over his penis, then pulled his trousers back on. Tom, being noticeably hard now told Paul to wait a second. Tom unzipped his pants and pulled out his penis. Hard, Tom was about seven inches. Tom caught Paul take a look at Tom’s penis. Tom began to rub himself. He touched the head and then began to rub his penis vigorously. Tom groaned as he felt himself grow closer to shooting his load. As Tom moaned and rubbed his penis, Paul watched with curiosity, feeling himself get hard. Tom could feel himself being one rub from shooting sticky cum everywhere. Tom headed to a urinal. He gave his penis one last rub and then shot cum all over the urinal. Tom moaned in ecstasy as cum spurted everywhere. 
When Tom had finished he returned his penis to his underwear and zipped up his pants. Paul said nothing, he had watched intently and gotten hard. 
Tom led Paul out of the restroom and then to the elevator. There was a nice comfortable storage room in the basement. The elevator opened and Tom followed Paul in. Tom pressed the B, and neither of them spoke as the rode the elevator down. 
The exited the elevator and Paul followed Tom through the dim basement. Tom opened a door and led Paul to the storage area. 
“There must be pants here,” said Paul absently, he mind was off thinking about Tom jacking off in the restroom. As Paul walked around looking for pants, Tom locked the door. He pulled a pill out of his pocket and swallowed. Tom knew this pill would give him almost no control of his bladder and the urge to pee. He used these on the weekends when he wanted the desperate feeling. 
As Tom rounded the corner of the storage room he found Paul in a corner. 
“Paul, what are you doing?” Tom asked. Paul whipped around, he was completely naked. Paul’s small penis was erect, and his hand was on his balls. Paul attempted to say something but no words came out. “Well whatever it is I like it,” said Tom. Tom removed his jacket and unbuttoned his shirt. Tom being bold strode up to Paul. Tom pressed his covered penis up to Paul’s erect one. Paul made no noise and led Tom take the lead. Tom told Paul to take off his tie as he undid he pants. As Tom removed his underwear he could feel the pill working. Tom sat Paul down on the ground, then instructed him to suck his flaccid cock. Paul eagerly obliged. As Paul sucked his cock Tom became hard again. Once Tom had returned to erect he told Paul to get on all fours. Tom slid a condom over his penis then shoved it in Paul’s asshole. 
“AHHHHH!” Paul groaned as Tom’s penis penetrated his asshole. Tom repeatedly humped Paul, going deeper and deeper. Finally Tom removed his penis from Paul’s ass and ripped off the condom. Tom knew he was about to pee. Tom stuck he penis back into Paul’s ass as far as it could go. Paul groaned as he shot his load on the floor. As Paul shot his sticky cum, Tom released a torrent of hot piss into Paul’s ass. Moans of ecstasy erupted from Paul, as Tom peed in Paul’s ass. Finally the pee stopped and Tom removed his penis. Tom moved out of the way, stroking his penis. As he did pee spurted out of Paul’s asshole. 
They returned in clean suits, looking as professional as before. From now on Tom had a fuck buddy who he could mess around with a work. And Paul had discovered a whole new side of him. He loved getting fucked and he would pee himself just because. 

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  1. Wow!!! This made me hard instantly :D!! I would love this to happen to me!! was this a true story?

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