Inhibitions I

Jenna and Amy were the best of friends.

They did everything together. They sat beside each other in every class, whispering and gossiping and sharing secrets. They took lunch together, commiserating over crushes and dreaming of the future. And they spent as many nights together as apart. Sleepovers had become commonplace. They shared a bed and spent the night curled up around each other.

So when they woke up late one morning, it was only natural for them to share a shower as they rushed to get ready. There was nothing uncomfortable about it: Amy lathered Jenna’s hair, Jenna scrubbed her back, but it was fun, and ended up taking them as long as two separate showers would have anyway. From then on they bathed together as well as slept together.

It was on one such day that Amy admitted to Jenna that she usually peed in the shower.

“Why?” Jenna asked.

Amy shrugged. “I don’t know. It just feels good.”

Jenna considered. “I don’t know that I could. How do you – do it?”

“It’s easy,” Amy laughed. “Just do it!” She widened her legs and did just that. A few drops, at first, that soon became a trickle, and then a hard, steady flow that went on and on. It puddled on the shower floor and swirled towards the drain.

“I needed that,” Amy sighed, then looked at Jenna. “Go on. You, now.”

But Jenna couldn’t. “I never did,” she said. “Except on the toilet. I can’t.”

Amy hugged her friend, both of them damp and warm from the shower.

“Don’t worry. I’ll help you,” she promised.


“We need to change how you do it,” Amy told Jenna. “I have some ideas.”

Jenna could only pee on the toilet, but Amy thought she could work with that. “Can you pee with me watching?” She asked.

Jenna laughed. “Of course.” They were the best of friends, were they not?

“Hmmm.” Amy thought. “Could you pee naked?”

“Maybe?” Jenna said doubtfully.

So they tried that. Amy fed Jenna cups of soda until she needed to go, and then followed her into the bathroom and helped her off with her clothes. Jenna perched on the toilet looking very self-concious, and tried to pee.

“God, Amy, I really need to go, but -“

“But nothing. You’re on a toilet, aren’t you? You’ve done it a thousand times.”

“I don’t think I can -” she started, but at that moment her body decided for her. Jenna flinched and instinctively closed her legs, hiding herself from view.

“Don’t do that,” Amy told her. “Let me see.”

Jenna obeyed, blushing furiously. Amy deliberately watched until the end. A fast ribbon of pale piss slowly dwindled into a gentle flow, and then ebbed into mere drops that clung to the lips of her pussy. That looks pretty, Amy thought.

“Good.” She told Jenna. “If you can do that, you can pee in the shower. We’re getting there.”


“Can you do it anywhere?” Jenna asked Amy as they watched TV later that night.

“What do you mean?” Amy asked. “I wouldn’t do it in the school showers.”

“No, I mean, like – could you do it dressed? Or downstairs?”

Amy thought about it. “I’ve never tried. I suppose so?”

“Try it.” Jenna demanded, grinning.

“What, now?”


Amy frowned and tried…but it wasn’t like the shower, naked and knowing the water would wash it all away. She was dressed.

Just relax
, she told herself. It took a few minutes, but eventually, it worked.

It was embarrassing to wet her pants. Like, really embarrassing, and also seriously weird. At first all she could feel was heat and wetness in her panties, but a few seconds later it had started to soak into her jeans, to run down her thighs, to flow back along the crack of her ass.

It felt seriously weird, but it also felt good.

“Told you,” she said to Jenna afterwards, feeling smug and a tiny bit breathless.

“I can’t believe you did that.” Jenna said, shocked. She reached up and rubbed her fingers along the very edge of the big damp patch on Amy’s jeans.

“I did it, so you have to.”

“Amy, there is no way I could do that!”

She was telling the truth, Amy knew. But it was like the shower, she reasoned. Bring her round to it gradually.

The next time Jenna went to the toilet, Amy followed. This time she didn”t strip her naked – just nearly naked, until she was wearing nothing but her pretty white panties, and had her sit down on the toilet like that.

Jenna really did struggle with that one. But she needed to go, and Amy was patient, and eventually it happened. Dampness bloomed across the white fabric for half a moment, turning it dark and making it cling to her pussy. Then pee started to trickle out in a rippling, messy flow. Jenna groaned, staring down at herself in disbelief.

She had to peel the panties off herself afterwards and Amy saw that her whole pussy was wet with piss.

They went to bed after that, and for no reason that made any sense, Amy couldn’t sleep. She was hot and irritated and – and turned on, and she would never usually have done it here, but Jenna was asleep. She wouldn’t know. Amy slipped a finger between the lips of her pussy, sought out her clit, arched with pleasure when she found it. She was so wet it was ridiculous.

Amy closed her eyes, and remembered the golden drops that had clung to Jenna’s pussy, and came.


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