Incontinence Pads

I had a visit from a fellow WPB member from another country, and he was trying to buy nappies in Amsterdam but he ended up with these male incontinence pads instead. Not bad, but not what he wanted. So, after we had some nappy fun in Amsterdam (that’s another story) he gave me the depends pads and off I went back to Rotterdam.

I started having fun wearing them under tracksuit bottoms and testing its limit. I did a little experimentation and figured that they can hold 200 ml
and you can’t “flood” them or they leak. 
So, being brave I had a lot of coffee and the train ride of two hours meant I could test them under my bright blue jeans. While waiting for the train I gently let out enough piss to release the immediate pressure. I boarded and later on the the journey, chickened out and decided I would use the loo, which was marked “Buiten Dienst”, yes “Out of Order”. So, I sit back down again, and as the need was “I need to go” but not quite “bursting” 
I decided to piss quite a bit in this pad while sitting, enough to feel the trickle and terrified that it would leak out, but that was part of the thrill.
I felt the piss trickling around, and it flowed around my balls and I just “did it” and later checked for damage. 
I looked down and voilà, no wet patch!!! It worked! I thought about the fact that I was on this train and here I was wetting and nobody could see. 
It felt wet, but looked dry and it bulged a bit. 
Time to change trains, and another urge hit me and I let out a few spurts. 
On the next train, even more…. On the inside it felt wet, so I knew if I did some more, it would really show.
I took pics afterwards, the small wet patch is actually rain and not leakage!
I hope to do more nappy like experimentation soon.

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