In the workman’s van

Scott had seen the van parked up in the layby several times before, and noticed that the driver used to go round to the side door and get into the back. Usually he would be followed shortly afterwards by a guy from another nearby parked car. The gentle rocking of the van which followed that indicated that the occupants were clearly enjoying themselves and after twenty minutes or so the car driver would emerge, usually looking a bit guilty as he scurried back to his car.
Today Scott had decided that he was going to investigate what went on in the back of that van and was pleased to see it when he parked, just in time to watch the workman walk round to the side door. There was no-one else around so Scott got out of his car and strode casually towards the van, aware that his cock was already stiff in anticipation. The door of the van wasn’t quite closed, and Scott could see the driver stripping off. When he was down to just his briefs he looked round and waved Scott in. As his eyes adjusted to the dim light in the back of the van Scott realised there was a blanket on the floor. He also thought he could smell a faint whiff of shit…
“My name’s Jim,” said the driver. “Do you want to slip out of those clothes?”
Scott eagerly obliged and was soon naked with his cock sticking out towards Jim. They started to kiss and Jim fondled Scott’s bum as they pressed cocks together, mixing their pre-cum together. Scott had been pretty eager for this to happen and once he was there, kissing and playing with this handsome, slightly sweaty, workman he knew he couldn’t hold back and it wasn’t long before he shot his load of cum between them.
This turned Jim on and he wanked his cock harder while still playing with Scott’s bum and pushing one finger up his hole. Scott knew he had a sizeable turd up there as he hadn’t been for three days. As Jim’s finger made contact with the solid log, Jim shot his cum all over Scott’s leg. As they continued to kiss Scott noticed that, in the far corner of the van, there was a chemical toilet.
“Do you ever use that?” he asked. Jim replied that he did a lot of outdoor work and, while it was easy to pee anywhere, sometimes you couldn’t squat down for a shit, so he used this toilet when he had to.
“Could I use it now? I think you discovered what’s waiting to come out, and your probing has started it on its way…”
Jim said this would be fine, as long as Scott didn’t mind being watched. Scott had no problem with that and sat down on the toilet, farting loudly as he did so. It didn’t take long for the turd to start emerging and Scott began to grunt involuntarily with the effort – it felt really big and hard. Jim crouched down in front of him and began to play with his cock, which was getting hard again. Scott’s own cock was erect again with the effort of pushing so he started to play with it. The smell was clearly making both men really aroused and after Scott had pushed out another turd, they both stood up and wanked themselves until they spunked over each other for a second time.
Jim pulled Scott close against him so their sticky loads merged together. As he put his arms around Scott, he whispered that he would be here again tomorrow and this time he would also need to shit…

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