in the mall!

so yesterday i went to the mall to do some shopping for a few friends birthdays that are coming up soon. i was wearing a tank top, black skinny jeans and my normal molicare diapers but it was only untill i got to the mall that i realised that i didnt bring any spares but i wasnt to worried. i went into a couple of shops then i realised that i needed to pee so i just went in my diaper like normal. i had also forgotten that i already had been pee twice already that morning and the night before so it was very filled and i had to take it off. so i went into the bathroom and took it off and put it in the bin. 

i went into a few more shops then the urge to poop was sooo bad that i just had to poop and i didnt even think about that i didnt have a diaper on and just had my panties on. so i went in my panties and you could feel that not only my panties were filling up but so was my skinny jeans to. i loved the feeling but it was lucky that i did all the shopping since people started to look at me and since they could smell the poop and then see the bulge in the back of my jeans.
ii walked to my car and put all my gifts in the back and then sat down, the feeling of all the poo that smushed in and around my bum was great. i went to a mcdonalds drive through and when i bought my meal the girl commented saying ‘omg that smell is horrible’ i giggled and agreed, but really i didnt mind it. 
when i got home i got a molicare diaper and put it over my very poopy panties and then today as im writing this my pants/diaper is filled with poo and i love it 😛 

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  1. Mmm… very hot and dirty story.. !! You made me rock-hard reading it and I couldn’t refrain myself from pooping my tight jeans too !

    I wish I was with you to see your poop-filled skinny, and stinky, black jeans hugging your butt and crotch !

  2. This is a wonderful story april, i hope you share more of your adventures

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