in the begining

when i was 12 or 13 and inexperienced at peeing myself, i would often end up with soaked clothing, bed etc and then had to explain it to my parents. It was a difficult time.

All i knew was that i loved the feeling of wetting, and if i could do it without anyone knowing, especially my parents, then that would be a good thing

But how to do it.

I decided that if i had protective plastic underwear then that would do the trick.

Now this was before the days of the internet, and well before i realised that there were specialist companies out there that sold this sort of thing.

I took my pocket money and bought some plastic sheeting from Woolworth. At home one Saturday afternoon when my parents were out, i got hold of my Mothers sewing machine, and having used my Y front underwear as a template, i fashioned some snug fitting plastic pants with elasticated legs.

I could hardly wait to ry them on. Wearing two pairs of regular cotton underwear with the plastic pants over, i dressed in jeans and shirt and went about doing things for the rest of the day, gently pissing when i felt i wanted to. They felt fantastic and i could bearly keep my hands off myself, and was contantly rubbing my bum to feel the smooth plastic under my jeans

After a couple of hours or so the cotton underwear was well and truly soaked and it felt wonderful. The feeling of wet clothing next to my skin has always turned me on from that time onwards.

That night, while bathing, i was able to peel off the plastic pants, and now wearing only piss wet soggy underwear, had the most glorious wank

From that time on i was well and truly hooked.

Those home made plastic pants served me well for ages. Trips to the cinema, theatre, to school, even wearing them under my swim costume at the beach on one occasion.

eventually they split and leaked everywear, but by then i knew i could buy special pissing pants.

i will tell you more pissing adventures on another occasion

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  1. Great story, very creative solution to the "problem". I love that feeling too and often wear 2 pair of briefs under a diaper & jeans and stay wet all day. Love that feeling.

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