In property of public toilet masters

Hiii all you nasty horny hardcore masters and slaves
I wanna tell u bout when I got used in Umeå Sweden, bus station in front of two old ladies and one realllly young girl in Disney clothing
I was as usual licking the toilet bowl clean after strangers pooped and pissed EVERYWHERE
Loving it as I have done since age 6-7 I didn’t notice the door slide wide open and my scathole was available for all possible visitors…..
I felt a little nervous so I called my grandpa for guidance.
He said: Marie-Louise, you are a toiletslave. Now walk out among all men, boys, daddy’s or any cox/pussy you see and give out your name and address followed by phone number (+46730-251951) and offer your services for no charge at all
Say : I am a toiletbaby, cum use me for Scat,piss or any perverted filth and I will do you good for all time u want
Say: I am a kitty girl and wet my litter box for a treatment as slavewhore in public, movies or traveling as any pervs mistress to any dirty sexhotel in the world. Grandpa said, do all of that and I will cum down there and pick you up with my dog collar ready.
I will show you how proud you make me and any Perv or ped that need a slavegirl will have your full service anywhere for 24 hours. Your family will get a video of you selling scatsex to old perverted strangers and boys.

I always wanted to be on videos with pedofiles and perverts so I followed orders and did it!!!!!!

I got smack in the face by a mother and felt soooooo gooood
She called me a trashcan and whore and I loved it
I walked to the next person in sight… An old alcoholic with really bad breath and smelling of old piss and women. I fell down on my knees and begged for his cock in my throat.
As in a dream he took my hand and dragged me to the toilets where I got to eat cock and got my assholes brutally fisted for 15-20 mins…..
I felt so happy and when he said he would call some friends that needed their assholes cleaned I exploded in gratefulness.
I was going to be a group fuckies and toilet.
A dream would come true!!!!!!!
I put my camera on the floor with wide lense mode.
Plugged my ass with an old dirty toilet brush and put makeup on.
The drunk locked the door and fooled the policeman outside patrolling the station. He pretended to be too drunk and the policeman walked him outside and didn’t come back inside.
Tihi hi
I waited 5-10 minutes until my alcoholic master opened the door and said:
Your boys will be here in 3-4…….
There were 8 boys….or boys…. Actually they were aged 55-78 and probably had grandkids they’d fucked for a long time, but I felt special and loved how they forced me to be a toilet, slavegirl, pisswhore, spank doll, and best of all;

I will always remember that day. My grandpa saw the hole thing and said he was so proud of me and held his promise.

Later that summer we went to Ibiza as girlfriend and master.
We met all kinds of strangers that I served and grandpa abused me on the beach everyday with dildos, fist, cock and other tools.
That summer was the best summer ever…….

I will do it anytime again if I find any pervert older than 60 and dirty as fuck
I will be your no limit baby girl and never ever will I have enough filth

Your Marie-Louise X3M

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