In First School

I did!!! when i was five years old in 1st school.We were all sat around the teacher crossed legged.She already shouted at a girl for going for a pee and i was too frightened to put my hand up and ask if i could be excused so held on but what a mistake i was soon figiting around bursting and it was only when she said “Carl stop figiting” and yep soon after sat crossed legged i wet my pants in front of the whole class.I had hoped nobody would notice the puddle on the floor i was sitting in.I was wrong when a girl sitting nearby stuck her hand in the air and when the teacher asked her “EXCUSE ME MISS ______ CARLS PEED HIS KNICKERS”.She replied “Carl stand up and i have to admit i was red faced with embarrasement and nearly cried and as i stood up with wet grey trousers there was a snigger from the rest of the class.”alright shouted the teacher anybody who laughs at him will be kept in at break time.She was quite sympathetic to me she just said go and change into your P.E shorts and put my trousers and white breifs over the radiator to dry.They all knew when i ran around the playground in just white shorts.After school my trousers and underwear had all dried.Oh the teasing went on “Carl¬†wets his knickers
¬†was the teaseor *pissypants Carl” it is funny that the teasing was mostly from the girls.The boys did not seem to bother.The teasing continued until a girl in our class had a little accident.My teasing stopped suddenly her teasing had only just begun

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  1. I had a similar situation in 1st grade. The nun was mean, and I was afraid to ask when I had to poop at a time other than break time. I found I couldn’t hold it, and ended up pooping my pants. I cleaned myself up as best I could with toilet paper and went back still stinking. Mom wasn’t too happy with my poopy clothes, but she new that the nun was not very considerate.

  2. My favorite stories are about pissing their pants in desperation. It doesn’t excite me too much about kids pissing their pants, but when those COCKS start growing I get hard as hell listening to pants pissing stories. Even better I love to watch it in person!

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