I'm a conformist, so why do I do it?

The number of times I have have had genuine poo accidents in my pants I can count with the fingers on one hand, all of them at school at an age when I was in short trousers. The number of genuine wetting accidents I would need my toes to count with aswell, these include the ones into my adult years, two in my car, more than once I have woken in my bed in full flow and once on a train coming home late at night. On all occasions I was on my own so there was no explaining to do to anyone.

I’m the kind of guy who enjoys life. I have a pretty good job, I live in a nice appartment, drive a decent car, eat out with friends on occasions and when the oppertunity arises, I enjoy making love. I have the kind of life style that alot of people have.

My question is this. Why is it when I am at home on my own, I love to poo or wet my pants? My favorite time is if I need a dump when I get home from work. It’s straight to the bathroom, mirrors placed and a real turn on to watch a huge bulge grow in the seat of my suit, if I get really turned on, I will remove my suit, keep my shirt and tie on and sit on it. As my warm poo spreads across my buttocks, I find myself pulling at my tie, the tightness around my neck, so arousing, eventually I have to let go, pulling the Knot to one side and losen the collar. I would love to sit down with my suit on, but don’t feel I can explain that kind of stain to the drycleaner!! I have light coloured trousers that I keep for peeing in.I love to watch them turn a darker shade around the crotch and down my legs. When I’m done, I slip into my jeans and a casual top and nip down to the pub for a quick pint with my friends, slipping back into my conformist way of life as is the previous hour has never happened. Only once have I ever done poo in my pants on purpose outside my home. I had been shopping at the local cash and carry one evening and as I was loading the car I had a strong urge to load my pants. Nervous though I was, it was truly exciting and sitting on it led to a good jerk when I got home.I don’t know how many times I’ve done it in my pants on purpose over the years. I’ve never shared my guilty pleasure with anyone. Does anyone else lead this secret life style and then steps back into the real world like I do? Any comments appreciated.

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  1. Yes – I love to go in my pants but never told anyone except one cute boy he actually peed in my pants for me by sticking his cock in my pants and peeing

  2. I do.

    I shit in my suit every sunday. sometimes, i have washed the pants in woolite and let them hang dry and iron them then i would take them in to be dry cleaned again, and other times i have cleaned the pants the best i could and told the dry cleaner that i had an accident.

    they know i am a freak, but i am also one of their best customers, so they just smile and do a great job.

    wearing nicer pants makes the experience even hotter for me.

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  5. I think WetVince’s situation is common. I suspect most of us who like this sort of thing are conventional in the rest of our lives.

    I didn’t know anyone else who enjoyed wetting until 20 years ago. I even thought I might be the only one with such a strange interest. Then, through ‘specialist’ phone lines and the internet, I found that I wasn’t the only one. I now have several friends who enjoy wetting fun. Thanks to websites like this one, we can all make like-minded friends if we wish.

    Furthermore, I have found that people who have never though of doing it discover that they can enjoy it if they are persuaded to try it. If you’ve got any friends who are slightly ‘mischievous’ in nature, try to get them to give it a go!

  6. It took me many years to admit to anybody how much I like wetting and pooping my pants.
    Just like wetVince I’m a "normal" guy, and my videos here are a secret (thats why I can never show my face).
    Wetting is easy to do unnoticed in public.
    But a lot of the times I poop myself, its a secret pleasure I enjoy alone at home – either in my pants, or in bed.
    Of course the internet has made it much easier for all of us to find each other, and to enjoy sharing our filmed experiences.

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