IBS strikes!

Today something happened that I had always feared as I am a sufferer from IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
For those who haven’t come across this it is a medical condition where your bowels work overtime and you can suddenly find you need to go to the toilet urgently.
Well today it happened while out playing tennis. Luckily it was near the end to the game but I quickly got the tell tale stomach pains and felt I was about to do it in my briefs. I clenched by sphincter for all I was worth.
I finished the game I was playing but soon felt that I had already started to mess myself. The problem was that because of Covid there was no access to the toilets as there would normally be.
Thinking on my feet I said that I had damaged my back and would have to stop. One of the guys offered to give me a lift home but I only lived five minutes away and I knew that if I sat in his car he might smell my accident.
I’d only just left the courts when another wave of pain hit me and I felt my briefs being filled again. Luckily I had on a navy blue tracksuit just in case it came through my underwear.
I had quite a clean up to undergo when I got home

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  1. Yeah I really feel for those who suffer with really bad IBS and have been struck down with this condition on a couple of occasions now due to extreme stress and I also have developed urinary incontinence also as a result of extreme stress.
    Only thing that I can recommend for those like myself who suffer from quite regular incontinence is to simply remember that everyone has had accidents and they would be lying if they said they have never done so…

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