IBS-D, ulcer,and how it affects my life

Hello all,

I recently started adding videos again. These will largely be chronicling my almost daily battle with a stomach ulcer and IBS-D. Being born a freak of nature isn’t easy, and it takes its toll mentally. I have digestive problems due to extreme stress and trauma. This place gives me the ability to share the bad stuff I experience. I love that others can get enjoyment from all this. I also enjoy many of the experiences, and the sharing of them. Just to give people an overview of what to expect; lots and lots of desperate shitting. I mostly make it to the toilet, but there will be accidents to share. Sometimes when a day is really bad I end up messing my pants simply because the pressure and pain is so bad I’d rather just blow it out all over myself and shower, than to hold it another second to get on the toilet. Anyway, hope everyone enjoys.

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  1. I have IBS-D as well. It’s a huge pain in the ass no pun intended. I rarely get flareups these days. It usually happens when I am stressed out, or when it’s been really hot for a few days. This past week I’ve flared up and shit my pants while waiting for a bus to take me to a bathroom. It wasn’t a fart or anything, it just completely came out. I thought it was just a little bit. It totally soaked through to the back of my shorts and was brown. Was embarrassing and just a little fun. I bought shorts to change into.

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