Ian found out!!

OMG, I never go out with Ian on Friday evening, but that afternoon he sent flowers -very tacky and slightly tasteless I must say- and my mum   had to sign for them!!  And you don’t think I had some explaining to do? 

You guys can laugh but I didn’t find it much of a joke, in fact it was all rather painful. Mum knows I’m a fag, but… but… 
Oh gawd, it gets worse. I was treated to an expensive dinner with too much wine. Once more I got talked into going back to Ian’s place, and what does he do? He dumps in his pants right in front of me. 
He saw that I got an IMMENSE erection, but I just asked to use the loo. And guess what happened? Ian barged into the bathroom only to catch me wanking.
As I say, OMG. 

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