Ian better understood

I thought I should post some info here since several members have expressed interest in my rather odd interactions with Ian, who seems for all the world more in love with me than ever.

Ian works for Seattle’s Parks & Recreation division. Most often he works alone, cleaning up trash bins and the like, kinda nasty stuff I think.
Ian starts work at around 5 in the morning, he takes a lunch break around 11, and by the early afternoon generally takes a dump in his pants, pretty much every day. For the last several months he has admitted to climaxing when he thinks about me. (Yeah, I found out from someone else.)
For all that, I did have to ask when we got REALLY stoned the other night: why don’t you wear diapers? He does not want to do that, preferring  the sensation of dumping in briefs. (But even after going through laundry they are terribly stained.)
I am rather mystified. Ian is so incredibly nelly and smokes incessantly. That is not where it is at for me.  

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  1. I’m not gay so I’m not sure how things go but I know that for any relationship to work you have to enjoy the other persons company and have much in common sure he smokes but that’s his life choice, if you really want to you can tell him you don’t like his smoking but you’re both homosexual and you both like pooping yourself, if you’re both looking for a relationship go for it I say… Though only Me in my partnership enjoys pooping pants and diapers she accepts it because we have so much else in common.

    Excuse me if I haven’t understood the blog and went off track :/

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